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How I designed a hoodie to sell on my TikTok Shop #printful #smallbusiness #ecommerce #entrepreneur

How I designed a hoodie to sell on my TikTok Shop #printful #smallbusiness #ecommerce #entrepreneur

Are you looking to design and sell your own merchandise? Well, look no further because I'm here to share my journey of creating a customized hoodie and successfully selling it on my TikTok Shop. In this article, I'll walk you through the process, from designing the hoodie to adding it to my shop on Printful. Let's dive in!

Designing the Hoodie

To begin my customization journey, I chose the pigment D hoodie by Independent Trading from the available options on Printful. Among the various colors available, the Alpine Green caught my eye and quickly became my new favorite color. With my trusty iPad and Procreate, I embarked on creating my unique design for the hoodie. After several iterations and tweaks, I felt satisfied with my creation.

Adding the Design to Printful

With my design finalized, it was time to bring it to life on the hoodie. Using Printful, I uploaded my design and added it to the chosen Alpine Green hoodie. But before committing to selling it on my TikTok Shop, I wanted to see the final outcome for myself. As luck would have it, I work at Printful, so I had the opportunity to witness the whole production process firsthand.

Unboxing and Review

Once the hoodie was ready, I eagerly unboxed it, pretending to be surprised even though I had already seen it being made. The embroidery texture was incredibly satisfying to touch, and I couldn't help but feel ecstatic about the final result. I was truly happy with how my design turned out, which gave me the confidence to proceed with adding it to my TikTok Shop.

Showcasing on TikTok Shop

With the sample hoodie in hand, I logged into my PRL account and seamlessly added it to my TikTok Shop. Thanks to Printful's user-friendly interface, the whole process took me no more than three minutes. Now, my customized hoodie was officially available for purchase on my shop, and I couldn't wait to share it with my followers.


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  1. How can I create a customized hoodie for my shop?
  • Start by selecting a hoodie from the available options on platforms like Printful.
  • Use design software like Procreate or other tools to create your unique design.
  • Upload your design to the chosen platform and add it to your hoodie of choice.
  1. Can I order a sample before adding it to my shop?
  • Yes, many platforms, including Printful, allow you to order samples of your customized products to ensure the outcome meets your expectations.
  1. How long does it take to add a design to my TikTok Shop?
  • The process of adding a design to your TikTok Shop can be quick and straightforward, often taking just a few minutes, especially with user-friendly platforms like Printful.
  1. Do I need any design experience to create a customized hoodie?
  • While design experience can be helpful, it is not a necessity. Tools like Procreate and user-friendly platforms like Printful make it accessible for individuals with various design backgrounds.
  1. Can I sell my customized hoodies on other platforms besides TikTok Shop?
  • Absolutely! Once you've created your customized hoodie and added it to your shop on platforms like Printful, you can promote and sell your products on multiple platforms, including your own website, social media, and marketplaces like Etsy.

By following these steps and using platforms like Printful, you too can design and sell your own merchandise, turning your creative ideas into a successful small business venture. So why wait? Start designing today and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit!