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How I made $1000 selling tshirts on my tiktok shop #wap #horrorsinthishouse #tshirt #tiktokshop

How I made $ 1000 selling tshirts on my tiktok shop #wap #horrorsinthishouse #tshirt #tiktokshop

That's how I managed to earn a thousand dollars by selling T-shirts in my TikTok shop just in time for Halloween. The shirt I created for the occasion turned out to be a hit, thanks to its funny design and soft Gildan 64000 fabric. The Euro fit style was particularly popular among the ladies, although I jokingly advised bigger dads to consider going up a size for a more comfortable fit. The humorous reaction from my son to the shirt, with a reference to a "booty" misinterpretation, became a heartwarming family moment. To promote the shirt, I decided to dance to the popular track "WAP" in my TikTok videos until Halloween.


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  1. How did the author earn $ 1000 selling T-shirts in their TikTok shop?
  2. What was special about the Gildan 64000 soft style T-shirt used for the design?
  3. Why did the author recommend a larger size for those with bigger builds while describing the shirt's fit?
  4. How did the author's son's reaction to the shirt contribute to a heartwarming family moment?
  5. Why did the author decide to promote the shirt by dancing to the music of #wap until Halloween?