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How I make Money with AI generated shorts! (INCOME PROOF)

How I Make Money with AI Generated Shorts! (INCOME PROOF)

Are you looking to make passive income through social media? With the rise of AI, it's now easier than ever to create large social media accounts and turn them into profitable businesses that run on autopilot. In this article, I will share my strategies for starting similar accounts using different tools, from coming up with the perfect script to creating viral videos and turning those views into passive income. And the best part? I have proof of my income to back it up!

Step 1: Finding the Right AI Tool and Affiliate Program

The first thing you need to do is find an AI tool that you want to create a video about. I personally use, a website full of AI tools that gets updated daily. After doing some research, I found the perfect tool to promote called Sonara. Sonara is an AI tool that uses artificial intelligence to search through millions of jobs daily and applies to jobs for you. In today's job market, this tool is incredibly valuable for those who are jobless.

But, having views alone won't make you money. You also need to find an affiliate program associated with the AI tool you're promoting. After some more research, I found the affiliate program for Sonara AI. By referring people to this platform, I can earn 10foreachpersonIbringin.Withtherightstrategy,referring10peopleeverydayisveryfeasible,allowingmetoearn10 for each person I bring in. With the right strategy, referring 10 people every day is very feasible, allowing me to earn 100 per day.

Step 2: Creating the Video

Once you have your AI tool and affiliate program in place, it's time to create your video. But before you start, you'll need a script. Here's how I approach scriptwriting:

  1. Search for information about the AI tool on its website and copy all relevant details.
  2. Use chat GPT to summarize the information into a script.
  3. Create a script using Google Docs by combining phrases from different scripts generated by chat GPT.
  4. Use 11 Labs, an AI tool, to generate a realistic voice for your script.

Once you have your script, it's time to gather assets for your video. Search for no copyright Minecraft gameplay videos on YouTube and download the perfect video that aligns with your script. Additionally, search for demo videos of the AI tool on their website or YouTube channel to add credibility to your video.

To edit your video, I recommend using a free video editing app called cap cut. Import all your assets and start creating the video. Add captions, overlay photos and videos, and customize the style to make your video engaging and visually appealing.

Step 3: Monetizing Your Video

Now that you have your video ready, it's time to make money from it. One way to do this is by setting up your own beacons page, which allows you to add multiple links in your bio. Use beacons to create your page and add the affiliate link for the AI tool you're promoting.

But why stop there? I have a strategy that will take your monetization to the next level. Create your own newsletter and leverage a platform called Beehive to make even more money. Beehive allows you to earn passive income by referring people to newsletters in various niches. You can easily make thousands per month by adding more newsletters to your list and referring people to them.

To set up your newsletter, add another block to your beacons page and include the link to your newsletter using Beehive. With the right niche and a substantial number of referrals, you can cover the monthly cost of Beehive ($99) by referring around 40 people. It's an upcoming business that holds great potential for passive income.


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Q: How much passive income can I earn from creating AI generated shorts? A: The potential for passive income from AI generated shorts is significant. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month.

Q: Do I need any special skills or equipment to create AI generated shorts? A: While having some basic video editing skills can be helpful, you don't need any specialized equipment or technical knowledge. The tools mentioned in this article, such as, chat GPT, 11 Labs, and cap cut, are user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

Q: How long does it take to set up and start earning from AI generated shorts? A: The setup process can vary depending on your familiarity with the tools and the time you invest in creating compelling videos. However, once you have everything in place, you can start earning passive income almost immediately, especially if your videos go viral and attract a large audience.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of AI tools or affiliate programs I can promote? A: There is no limit to the number of AI tools or affiliate programs you can promote. It's recommended to focus on a niche that interests you and has the potential to attract a dedicated audience. This way, you can create engaging content and build a loyal following.

Q: Are there any legal considerations or copyright restrictions when using assets from YouTube videos? A: It's important to respect copyright laws and use only videos with the appropriate licenses or permissions for reuse. Look for videos labeled as "no copyright" or "creative commons" on YouTube to ensure you stay within legal boundaries. Always credit the creators if required and avoid any infringement on intellectual property rights.

Remember, not everyone is willing to put in the effort and dedication needed to succeed. By following the strategies outlined in this article and taking action, you can tap into the potential of AI generated shorts and start earning passive income. So, close the YouTube app, and start building your profitable business today! Good luck!