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How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 10M Viewed Shorts

How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 10M Viewed Shorts

When it comes to posting short videos on YouTube, there are several ways creators can make money. In this article, we will explore the different methods of monetization and discuss how much YouTube paid a content creator for a short video that received 10 million views.

Monetization Methods

  1. Sponsorships: One way creators can earn money is through sponsorships. Brands pay for mentions in the video. However, the video discussed in this article is not sponsored, but the creator expresses an interest in collaborating with Samsung.
  2. AdSense: YouTube's AdSense program allows creators to earn money through advertisements played during their videos. At present, AdSense revenue is significantly higher when people watch videos on their laptops compared to mobile devices. It is important to note that this will change in the coming year.
  3. Shorts Fund: YouTube has launched a Shorts Fund worth $100 million to encourage creators to make short videos. This fund provides a way for creators to earn money based on their video's popularity.

YouTube Earnings Breakdown

The video creator, whose script is being discussed here, reveals their earnings based on the three monetization methods mentioned above. While the video received 10 million views, the earnings were as follows:

  • AdSense: $10
  • Instagram (for the same video): Less than AdSense
  • Shorts Fund: $373

In total, the video earned the YouTube creator $383, which is significantly more than what they earned from Instagram but still less than what they would have earned if it was a long-form video.


Q: What is the Shorts Fund on YouTube? The Shorts Fund is a program launched by YouTube to incentivize creators to make short-form videos. It provides a means for creators to earn money based on the popularity of their Shorts.

Q: When will AdSense earnings be the same across all devices? Currently, AdSense earnings are higher for videos viewed on laptops compared to mobile devices. However, YouTube has announced changes that will make AdSense earnings equal across all devices starting next year.

Q: How do sponsorships work on YouTube? Sponsorships involve brands paying creators for mentions or product placements in their videos. This is one of the ways creators can generate income on the platform.

Q: Is the video mentioned in the article sponsored? No, the video discussed in this article is not sponsored. However, the creator expresses their interest in collaborating with Samsung.


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