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How These TikTok Accounts Are Making $15,000+/Month (TikTok Creativity Program)

How These TikTok Accounts Are Making $15,000+/Month (TikTok Creativity Program)

Millions of dollars are being given to creators on TikTok simply by posting one-minute-long videos. In this article, we will break down two different accounts that are crushing it right now, hoping to inspire you to take action with this opportunity. The TikTok Creativity Beta Program, released at the beginning of this year, offers creators the chance to make more money than the Creator Fund initially provided. While the Creator Fund only gave creators 4 to 5 cents per thousand views, the Creativity Beta Program offers upwards of a dollar, and sometimes even more, per thousand views.

Before diving into the account breakdowns, here are some requirements for participating in the program. Firstly, you must be from one of the countries listed by TikTok. However, if you're not from one of these countries, there are ways to bypass this limitation, which we explain in another video. Additionally, you need to be 18 or older, but this can also be bypassed. You will also need 100,000 video views in the last 30 days and over 10,000 followers. Achieving these numbers can be easier than you think if you understand the trending video styles, which we will show you later in this article. This is a great opportunity to make money in 2024.

The first account we will break down is in the UFC niche. The account is called "fighting.focus," and they are getting nothing less than 100,000 views per video. If we consider the regular RPM (revenue per thousand views) of a dollar, they are generating well over $10,000 per month just by posting simple clips and edits of fights. The content starts with a podcast or a motivational speech from one of the fighters, followed by a highlight breakdown. People love this type of content because of the passionate and motivational community surrounding the sport.

To find success in this program, you can make content around various sports like football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and more. These sports have huge communities, and if you can find a unique angle or style, you will stand out and see success.

The second account we will break down is called "random.facts." This account style is one that we previously made a video tutorial on how to edit. It has been generating hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars since its creation. They have achieved huge view counts, such as 9.32 million, 34 million, 15 million, 74 million, and more. The secret behind their success lies in how the videos are orchestrated.

Let's break down their most viewed video to understand its success. The title is "Interesting facts you didn't know. The last one will shock you." The promise of a shocking fact at the end entices viewers to stay until the end. This boosts viewership and engagement. Additionally, the video includes specific calls to action (CTAs), like "You know TikTok knows who has a crush on you?" followed by "Your secret admirer is the second person that appears when you click on share, then WhatsApp research show." These CTAs encourage shares, and TikTok considers this a valuable metric, boosting the video's reach.

The random facts niche is incredibly popular because it requires minimal editing, mainly done on tools like CapCut or Premiere. The videos are filled with various hooks and CTAs, presenting an endless opportunity for engaging and attention-grabbing content. This niche is an excellent choice for starting out in the TikTok Creativity Program.

In conclusion, the accounts we've discussed have demonstrated how TikTok creators can make substantial income through the Creativity Beta Program. The UFC niche and random facts niche are just two examples of the diverse opportunities available. By understanding the trending video styles, engaging with passionate communities, and creating unique content, anyone can potentially earn significant revenue on TikTok.

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Q1: How can I join TikTok's Creativity Beta Program if I'm not from one of the listed countries? A: While the program is initially limited to specific countries, there are methods to bypass this restriction. Check out our dedicated video for a detailed explanation.

Q2: Do I need to be 18 or older to participate in the program? A: The program has an age requirement of 18 or older. However, there are ways to bypass this limitation as well.

Q3: How can I achieve the required number of video views and followers? A: Understanding trending video styles and creating engaging content related to popular niches, such as sports, can help you attract views and followers. Our A to Z program provides tutorials, tips, and guidance to help you reach these milestones.

Q4: Can anyone generate significant income on TikTok through the Creativity Beta Program? A: Yes, anyone with a TikTok account can potentially earn substantial income through the Creativity Beta Program. By leveraging popular niches, unique content ideas, and consistent engagement with your audience, you can increase your chances of success.