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How This 23 Year Old Is Making Millions Off TikTok’s Creativity Program

How This 23 Year Old Is Making Millions Off TikTok’s Creativity Program

Have you ever wondered how some TikTok creators are able to turn their videos into a full-time career? Meet Alex Sedlack, a 23-year-old TikTok sensation from Ohio who has cracked the code to monetizing his personal brand and is now making nearly seven figures a year without a single employee. In this article, we will dive into Alex's journey and learn how he built a near million-dollar business using TikTok.

Alex's path to success wasn't a typical entrepreneurial story. He grew up in Ohio, living a regular life, enjoying time with friends, and not really thinking about his future career. He dabbled in content creation during high school but was too embarrassed to pursue it full-time due to bullying. When he got to college, he felt stuck and frustrated with school, realizing that it wasn't the path he wanted to take. He made the decision to drop out and took on a job as a nurse.

It was during this time, in 2019, that TikTok started to take off. Alex saw an opportunity and began making videos, not expecting much but willing to give it a shot. Surprisingly, one of his videos went viral overnight, earning him tens of thousands of followers and opening his eyes to the potential of TikTok. However, he soon realized that followers, likes, and views didn't directly translate into dollars.

Determined to monetize his personal brand, Alex found creative ways to make money from his TikTok success. He started selling one-on-one coaching to people needing help with their mindset and engaged more with his audience to sell to them via direct messages (DMs). While this brought in good money, it was time-consuming and mentally draining.

In search of a more scalable business model, Alex experimented with a low-ticket community program called "Create Your Reality." This program, aimed at helping people navigate their career paths and discover their potential, allowed him to serve more people through group calls rather than one-on-one coaching. It generated half a million in revenue within two years and gave him the freedom he desired.

When TikTok introduced its new Creativity Program, Alex saw the perfect opportunity to further monetize his brand. He opened a low-ticket paid community, teaching people how to build pages that make money on TikTok. This business model aligns with his lifestyle, offering a reliable and recurring source of income. He sells the group for 9aweek,or9 a week, or 36 per month, and already has hundreds of students within the group, including high schoolers making thousands of dollars from the methods he teaches.

In addition to leveraging his large following across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to funnel viewers into his paid community, Alex also utilizes platforms like to optimize his reach. He creates content on YouTube that continues to attract new members through search optimization, long after he posts the videos. With the combination of a strong personal brand, effective selling strategies, and a great product, Alex is now earning nearly six figures a month with his paid community.

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  1. How did Alex build a near million-dollar business using TikTok? Alex built his business by leveraging his personal brand on TikTok and other social media platforms. He started by selling one-on-one coaching and then transitioned to a low-ticket paid community program. The introduction of TikTok's Creativity Program further allowed him to monetize his brand.

  2. How does Alex make money through his paid community? Alex charges 9aweekor9 a week or 36 per month for access to his paid community. He teaches people how to build pages on TikTok that generate income. With hundreds of students, including high schoolers who have made thousands of dollars, Alex has created a reliable and recurring source of income.

  3. What platforms does Alex use to promote his paid community? Besides TikTok, Alex utilizes platforms like YouTube to reach a broader audience. By creating content optimized for search, he continues to attract new members long after posting the videos.

  4. How can someone build a successful paid community like Alex's? To build a successful paid community, focus on developing a strong personal brand and engaging with your audience. Provide value through your content and find creative ways to monetize your expertise or specialized knowledge. Utilize various platforms to reach your target audience and optimize your content for search engines.