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How To Find $1K/Day Winning Products To Sell On TikTok Shop Product Hunting Criteria (FREE METHOD!)

How To Find $1K/Day Winning Products To Sell On TikTok Shop - Product Hunting Criteria (FREE METHOD!)


TikTok Shop has emerged as a powerful marketplace, gaining significant popularity since its launch a year ago. With numerous successful launches and positive results, it has become essential to establish product hunting criteria to maximize success in this evolving market. In collaboration with Laches' TikTok Shop, we have developed a set of criteria based on data collected from the past six months. In this article, we will discuss the 24-point product hunting criteria and provide insights into its key components.

Product Hunting Criteria:

  1. Profit: Ensure that the margin allows for profitability even after considering TikTok Shop fees, shipping costs, and advertising expenses.
  2. Pricing: Set the selling price between 15to15 to 50, making it affordable for the target audience. The DDP (delivery duty paid) price should not exceed $7.5 to maintain good margins.
  3. Copyright: Avoid any copyright issues by refraining from selling counterfeit or copyrighted products.
  4. Certifications: Be cautious while selling products related to medicine or beauty that require specific certifications.
  5. Seasonality: Avoid seasonal products with a short lifespan to ensure consistent sales.
  6. Product Weight: Choose products weighing less than 2 kg to minimize shipping costs and transaction fees.
  7. Product Rating: Ensure a minimum product rating of 4.2 to maintain customer satisfaction and product popularity.
  8. Problem-solving Product: Select products that solve a specific problem or fulfill a need for customers.
  9. Trending & Wow Factor: Look for products with a trending appeal and a unique factor that attracts customers.
  10. Shelf Life: Prefer products with a shelf life of at least one year for better inventory management.
  11. Market Analytics: Analyze the sales and performance of similar products in the TikTok Shop market to make informed decisions.
  12. Order Confirmation (OC): Conduct thorough testing before confirming that a product is a winning product. It should generate a minimum average of five orders by the fifth day.
  13. Follow-up Sales: Observe sustained sales after the initial success to ensure consistent demand.
  14. Hashtag Relevance: Use relevant hashtags that align with the product to maximize reach and engagement.
  15. Affiliate Commission: Evaluate the going rate for hiring TikTok influencers and pay them affiliate commissions for orders generated through their videos.
  16. Creator Center: Utilize the Creator Center to discover trending products, revenue data, and commission rates to gauge market potential.
  17. Conversion Rate: Pay attention to the actual number of sales rather than just views to measure the success of a specific product.
  18. Fast Must Tool: Utilize the Fast Must tool to check and validate the fulfillment of the product hunting criteria.


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  1. What is TikTok Shop?
    • TikTok Shop is a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products through the TikTok app.
  2. What is the significance of product hunting criteria for TikTok Shop?
    • Product hunting criteria help sellers identify winning products that are likely to generate high sales on TikTok Shop.
  3. How is product pricing determined in the TikTok Shop criteria?
    • Pricing is recommended between 15to15 to 50 for affordability, and the DDP price should not exceed $7.5 to maintain healthy margins.
  4. Can copyrighted products be sold on TikTok Shop?
    • No, copyrighted products should be avoided to prevent legal issues and copyright strikes.
  5. What is the recommended product weight for TikTok Shop sellers?
    • Products weighing less than 2 kg are recommended to minimize shipping costs and transaction fees.
  6. What is the minimum product rating specified in the criteria?
    • The product should have a minimum rating of 4.2 to ensure customer satisfaction and product popularity.
  7. How can TikTok influencers be utilized for product promotion?
    • TikTok influencers can be hired and paid affiliate commissions for orders generated through their product promotion videos on the platform.
  8. What tools can be used for product research and validation?
    • The Fast Must tool is a powerful platform that provides various features for product research and validation, such as checking market analytics and evaluating product fulfillment.

By following these product hunting criteria, sellers can increase their chances of finding winning products and achieving success on the TikTok Shop platform. It is essential to continuously adapt and evaluate these criteria as market trends evolve.