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How To GROW On TikTok 2023 | 30,000 Followers In 7 Days

How to GROW on TikTok 2023 | 30,000 Followers in 7 Days


In this article, I will share six main tips that helped me gain over 30,000 followers on my TikTok film page in just seven days. These strategies have also contributed to over 450,000 total followers on my page. If you want to grow your TikTok following, keep reading to learn these effective techniques.

Tip 1: Have a Good Hook

The first tip is to have a captivating hook that grabs the attention of viewers within the first three to five seconds of your video. A hook can be a visual, audio, or text element that entices users to stay and watch your content. Visual hooks can include unique views or unusual actions, while audio hooks can be controversial statements or trending sounds. Text hooks, like intriguing titles, can also be effective. Using hooks simultaneously, such as combining audio and visual hooks, can maximize engagement and watch time.

Tip 2: Focus on Using Good Sounds

Choosing the right sounds for your TikTok videos is crucial. To find good sounds, curate your feed to interact with posts and follow pages that align with your content goals. Additionally, explore bigger pages in your niche and identify which sounds are working well for them. Utilize trending sounds to attract and hook viewers, as these sounds have proven appeal. Stay up to date with the latest trends and post videos under trending sounds to increase the chances of your content being discovered and shared.

Tip 3: Increase Volume and Consistency

On TikTok, you can post more frequently compared to platforms like Instagram. Posting with higher volume and consistency can lead to significant growth. Initially, even if the quality of your content is not outstanding, posting consistently and frequently can yield results. Remember that the more you post, the more opportunities you have to go viral. While luck is involved, increased volume increases your chances of gaining more followers and achieving growth on TikTok.

Tip 4: Improve Video Quality

Improving the quality of your videos is essential for attracting and retaining followers. Enhance your video editing skills and invest time in creating visually appealing content. You can find high-quality clips or stock footage to elevate the production value of your videos, ensuring viewers have an enjoyable visual experience. By continuously refining your editing skills and video content, you will see improvements in your TikTok performance.

Tip 5: Pick a Niche

Selecting a specific niche for your TikTok content is crucial for attracting and retaining followers. By focusing your content around a specific theme or topic, you ensure that your audience knows what to expect from your page. Posting random or unrelated content can confuse viewers and lead to unfollows. Concentrate on a singular niche to increase the chances of converting viewers into followers, as well as maintaining visibility within TikTok's algorithm.

Staying up to date with trending topics within your niche is vital for maintaining relevance and gaining traction on TikTok. Engage with the current trends and incorporate them into your content strategy. Utilize trending hooks, sounds, and styles that resonate with your audience. By leveraging what is currently popular, you increase the likelihood of your videos being recommended and shared, helping you reach a wider audience and gain more followers.


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Q1: How long does it take to gain a significant following on TikTok? A1: The time it takes to gain a substantial following on TikTok varies depending on several factors, including the content quality, consistency of posting, and engagement with trends. By implementing the tips mentioned in this article, you can expedite your follower growth.

Q2: Can I use these strategies for other social media platforms? A2: While these tips are primarily focused on TikTok, many of them can be applied to other platforms as well. The importance of hooks, quality content, niche selection, and staying current with trends are relevant across various social media channels.

Q3: Is it essential to post frequently on TikTok? A3: Posting frequently on TikTok can increase your chances of gaining followers and going viral. However, it is also crucial to strike a balance and maintain quality in your content. Adapt your posting frequency based on the response and engagement from your audience.

Q4: Is TikTok suitable for business promotion? A4: Yes, TikTok offers opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services. By leveraging the platform's features effectively and creating engaging and entertaining content, businesses can reach a younger demographic and increase brand visibility.

Q5: How can I find trending sounds on TikTok? A5: To discover trending sounds on TikTok, explore popular videos in your niche and note the sounds they use. TikTok's discover page and "For You" feed are also great resources for finding trending sounds. Stay active, engage with trending content, and pay attention to the sounds that resonate with users.

By following these tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of growing your TikTok following significantly. Remember to stay consistent, innovative, and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the platform. With time and effort, you can achieve substantial growth and success on TikTok.