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How To Get Lower CPMs [Tik Tok Ads Glitch]

How To Get Lower CPMs [Tik Tok Ads Glitch]

Are you frustrated with high CPMs (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) on your TikTok ads? In this article, we will discuss a simple technique called "country swapping" that can dramatically lower your CPMs with just a few clicks. This method allows you to target multiple countries and take advantage of lower CPMs in certain regions. Let's dive into the details!

Step 1: Launch Your Ad in a Tier One Country

The first step is to launch your ad in a tier one country, such as the United States. Target your desired audience, interests, and hashtags in this country as you normally would. Spend a small budget (around 5to5 to 10) to evaluate the CPM.

Step 2: Add a Country with Lower CPMs

After evaluating the CPM in the tier one country, add another country to your targeting. Choose a country where the cost of impressions is significantly lower, even if you're not actively selling your product or service there. For example, you can add countries like Canada, the UK, Qatar, Morocco, or Malaysia, depending on your target audience.

Step 3: Enjoy Lower CPMs

Once you have added the additional country, turn your ad back on and observe the CPM. You will likely notice a significant drop in your overall CPM. TikTok evaluates your CPM based on the quality of your ad and how the audience responds to it. By including a country with lower CPMs, TikTok considers the improved response from that region and lowers your overall CPM.

Why does this strategy work?

Country swapping works because TikTok calculates a baseline cost for targeting a more expensive audience like the United States. When you add a country with lower CPMs, TikTok recognizes the better response from that region and rounds down your overall CPM. This "glitch" in the system allows you to enjoy lower CPMs without compromising on the quality of your ad or product.


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Q: How does country swapping affect the performance of my ads?

Adding a country with lower CPMs can significantly improve your ad performance by reducing the overall cost of displaying your ad to the audience. This can result in higher ROI and better campaign results.

Q: Are there any limitations to country swapping?

While country swapping can be an effective strategy for lowering CPMs, it is important to consider your target audience and market. Adding random countries may not yield the desired results if the audience in those regions is not relevant to your product or service.

Q: Can I use country swapping on other advertising platforms besides TikTok?

The country swapping technique can be applied to other advertising platforms as well, depending on their targeting capabilities. However, it is essential to explore each platform's specific rules and guidelines before implementing this strategy.

Q: How often should I evaluate and adjust my country swapping strategy?

It is recommended to monitor the performance of your ads regularly and make adjustments as needed. The effectiveness of country swapping may vary over time, so staying vigilant and adapting your strategy accordingly is key to maximizing your results.

By implementing the country swapping technique, you can enjoy lower CPMs on your TikTok ads, improving your ad performance and potentially saving money. Give it a try and see how it impacts your campaigns.