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How To Make VIRAL Fake Text Message Story Videos! (TikTok Creativity Program)

How To Make VIRAL Fake Text Message Story Videos! (TikTok Creativity Program)

Have you ever wondered how some creators on TikTok are making millions of views and gaining hundreds of thousands of followers within just a few months? Well, one viral niche that is currently blowing up is the text message stories niche. In this article, we will show you exactly how to recreate these videos and potentially make thousands of dollars from TikTok's creativity program. And if you're from a country where the creativity program is not yet eligible, don't worry, we'll also show you how you can join the program from anywhere in the world for free.

Step 1: Creating the Videos

To start creating these text message story videos, you'll need access to a phone or a laptop. Then you can use an editing software like CapCut, which is a beginner-friendly and free video editing software. You can choose between using the mobile app or the web version, depending on your device's capabilities.

Next, you'll need to find a website to create the fake text message conversations. One recommended site is "Prank," where you can create fake conversations for SMS, emails, and more. For this tutorial, we'll focus on SMS conversations. You can customize the conversation by changing the names, photos, timestamps, and more. It's important to note that creating interesting scripts for these videos is crucial. You can find inspiration from existing viral videos in the niche or write your own unique scripts.

After preparing the conversation script, you'll need to generate AI voices to match the text. Use resources like 11 Labs to create male and female voiceovers based on the script. Make sure to include punctuation marks to indicate pauses and sentence breaks. Cut the voiceovers into separate messages to align with the corresponding conversation parts.

Import the voiceovers and screenshots of the conversations into CapCut and sync them together by cutting and cropping the video clips. Adjust the scale to make sure the conversation is clear and readable. You can also add background gameplay footage, like Minecraft parkour, to make the video more engaging. Finally, consider adding background music to enhance the overall experience.

Step 2: Monetization and Partnership

Many creators in the text message stories niche join TikTok's creativity program for monetization. To be eligible for the program, your videos must be over a minute long, and you need to have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in the last 30 days. Once accepted, TikTok pays creators based on the RPM (Revenue per Thousand Views), which can range from around 0.30to0.30 to 2.00. This means that with a million qualified views, you can earn up to $1,000.

Additionally, some creators in this niche have partnerships with the texting app called Riz App. While not all creators use the app's affiliate program, they feature the app in their videos and captions, potentially getting paid for the promotion. If you have a sizable following, you can explore paid partnerships or become an affiliate for the app.

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Q: Can I use AI to create the scripts for the text message stories?

A: While AI can be helpful for some tasks, creating engaging and unique scripts for these videos requires human creativity. It's best to find inspiration from existing viral videos or write your own scripts to stand out in the niche.

Q: How can I participate in the TikTok creativity program if my country is not eligible?

A: You can purchase an account from an eligible country, like the USA or the UK, and use that account to post your videos. The location from which you post doesn't matter as long as the account was created in an eligible country.

Q: Do I need to have gaming footage in my text message story videos?

A: While many creators in this niche use gameplay footage as their background, it's not mandatory. You can experiment with different visual elements and find what works best for your unique style.

Q: Can I use other music options instead of the suggested one for my videos?

A: Absolutely! While some creators use a specific song called "wi-shop," you are not limited to just that music. You can find and download other royalty-free music or use your own preferred soundtracks to add variety to your videos.

Q: How can I improve my chances of going viral with my text message story videos?

A: To increase your chances of going viral, focus on creating captivating scripts, engaging visuals, and unique storylines. Pay attention to trends within the niche, learn from successful videos, and put your own spin on it to make your content stand out.

As you start your journey into the text message stories niche and the TikTok creativity program, don't forget to practice, experiment, and have fun along the way. With dedication and creativity, you can create viral content that captivates audiences and potentially monetize your passion for storytelling on social media.