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How much I made in 10 days on TIKTOK! (Creativity Program Beta)

How Much I Made in 10 Days on TikTok! (Creativity Program Beta)

Welcome back to the channel! This week, I decided to take a break from Amazon to focus on the things I've been putting off. When I work at Amazon, my life revolves around it, and it's challenging to find time for my other pursuits. So, this week, I am still working at Domino's, using my mornings to pursue my personal goals. In this video, I want to give you a more authentic look into my life.

I started my morning with a one-on-one boxing session at Salisbury ABC. I've been doing this for a couple of years now, and while I'm not amazing at it, I enjoy the process of learning and improving, as it helps me feel more confident and capable of defending myself if necessary.

Afterwards, I had to make a phone call to HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs), although I still wasn't able to reach them. However, while waiting, I took the opportunity to write a script for my upcoming sponsorship with AG1. Everything I said in this video about AG1 was true, and I genuinely enjoy their product.

Next, I headed to the gym to train. We've been inconsistent with our gym routine lately, primarily because my shifts at Amazon tend to coincide with the gym's closing time. However, we are determined to get back into a consistent rhythm. While we initially planned to do cardio, we decided to focus more on weight training today.

Back outside, it was quite chilly, and I've been working for about an hour already, making three deliveries. The traffic was horrendous, and I felt absolutely freezing. I'd like to take a moment to thank someone named Mulie for helping me secure some sponsorships and providing valuable advice for my YouTube channel. Specifically, he recommended joining the TikTok Creator Program beta.

I followed his advice and managed to make it into the program by getting over 100,000 views in 30 days. This program allows me to earn money through TikTok views, with each view currently worth £0.17. I've been on TikTok for only 12 days, but I've already earned £980. While it's a bit frustrating that I couldn't reach the £1,000 mark, I consider this a true blessing and an additional source of income.

I want to emphasize that I'm not trying to flaunt my success or say that TikTok is making me rich. I feel fortunate and grateful for the opportunity, knowing that money isn't everything. My main focus will always be on creating content for YouTube. However, I encourage all creators to consider joining the TikTok Creator Program because you never know how long this generous payout will last.

It's been a good week, and I appreciate all of you joining me on this journey. Even during difficult times, there are always better days ahead. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, but don't worry, there will be more videos coming before then. See you in the next one!


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