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How much money did I make from a million views on YouTube Shorts

How much money did I make from a million views on YouTube Shorts?


YouTube Shorts, a new feature introduced by YouTube, has gained popularity among content creators and viewers alike. With its short-form video format, creators have been able to attract millions of views on their videos. However, the question that arises for many creators is how much money they can earn from a million views on YouTube Shorts.

In this article, we will explore the potential earnings from a million views on YouTube Shorts and delve into the revenue sharing data shared by creators. We will also discuss the varying RPMs (Revenue Per Thousand Views) and provide insights into one creator's personal experience. So, let's dive in!

Earnings from a million views on YouTube Shorts

The potential earnings from a million views on YouTube Shorts can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Views). The RPM ranges from as low as one cent to six cents per 1000 views, which becomes apparent when we examine the data shared by creators.

Previously, the RPM for standard YouTube videos could vary from one dollar to twenty dollars per 1000 views. However, as the Shorts feature is relatively new, creators have started sharing their revenue data, revealing significantly lower RPMs.

Exploring the data shared by creators

Creators who have been actively using YouTube Shorts have shared their experiences regarding revenue and RPM. Based on these accounts, RPMs for Shorts seem to range anywhere from one cent to six cents per 1000 views. This is a substantial decrease compared to standard YouTube videos.

One creator, who has a channel averaging around 20 million Shorts views per month, has reported an RPM of approximately 5 cents per 1000 views. To put it into perspective, this means that for 1 million views on their YouTube Shorts video, they made around fifty dollars.

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  1. What is YouTube Shorts?

    • YouTube Shorts is a feature introduced by YouTube that allows creators to create and share short-form videos.
  2. What is RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Views)?

    • RPM refers to the revenue earned by a creator per thousand views on their videos.
  3. Why is the RPM lower for YouTube Shorts compared to standard videos?

    • The RPM for YouTube Shorts is lower due to the relatively new nature of the feature. As the Shorts revenue sharing program progresses, the RPM may change.
  4. Is earning fifty dollars from a million YouTube Shorts views considered low?

    • It depends on the individual's expectations and the content creator's goals. Fifty dollars may be considered low for some, while others may view it as a decent amount for short-form videos.
  5. Are there ways to increase earnings from YouTube Shorts?

    • While there is no guaranteed method, several best practices can potentially increase earnings, such as focusing on high-quality content, engaging with viewers, and optimizing video titles and descriptions.


Although YouTube Shorts provides a platform for content creators to showcase their talent and attract millions of views, the earnings from a million views can be relatively low. The reported RPMs range from one cent to six cents per 1000 views, resulting in earnings of around fifty dollars for a million views.

As YouTube Shorts evolves and more data becomes available, these numbers may change. It is important for creators to continue creating engaging content and explore ways to optimize their earnings from this new feature.