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How to Create VIRAL Motivational Videos (Step By Step - TikTok Creativity Program Content)

How to Create VIRAL Motivational Videos (Step By Step - TikTok Creativity Program Content)

Motivational content has become increasingly popular on social media platforms, attracting millions of views and thousands of followers each month. What's even more intriguing is that some creators have managed to achieve this success without even showing their face. In this article, we will explore the steps on how you can create engaging dark-themed motivational videos and start earning through the new TikTok Creativity Program.

Step 1: Creating a Catchy Name and Profile Picture

The first step in creating your viral motivational video account is to come up with a compelling name. You can use AI tools like Chat GPT to generate interesting names that resonate with the type of content you plan on uploading. Once you have a name, head over to to create a logo for your account. Simply enter the name generated by Chat GPT, choose the colors that fit the theme of your account, and select a font style. Now you have an eye-catching name and logo for your account.

Step 2: Writing Powerful Motivational Scripts

To create impactful content, you need powerful motivational scripts. Chat GPT can once again come to your rescue by generating motivational quotes for your videos. Ask the chatbot to generate long quotes that would be suitable for TikTok, as the platform requires videos to be longer than one minute. If needed, you can search for alternative sources for motivational quotes on the web.

Step 3: Generating High-Quality Voiceovers

Adding professional voiceovers to your videos adds a polished touch. Explore an AI-powered tool like to find the perfect voice that suits your content. Once you've identified the ideal voice profile, generate the voiceover using the speech synthesis feature. Simply copy and paste the quote generated by Chat GPT and let the AI do the rest. Download the voiceover for future use.

Step 4: Finding Captivating Video Footage

To complement your motivational scripts and voiceovers, you need visually appealing video footage. A great source for stock footage is, where you can search for videos that resonate with your content. For dark-themed motivational videos, consider searching for workout footage, as it is often featured in this genre. Remember to download vertically oriented videos suitable for TikTok.

Step 5: Editing the Video

Now that you have all the necessary elements, it's time to edit the video. Open a video editing software like CapCut and import all the parts you need. Drag and place the voiceover into the sequence and cut any prolonged pauses to optimize the audio. Next, add the workout footage you downloaded and experiment with different effects and transitions to enhance the visual appeal. Don't forget to include captions using CapCut's AI tool for better engagement.

Step 6: Exporting and Sharing

After editing, it's time to export the final video. Ensure the video is in a suitable format and quality for TikTok. You can choose to add background music at this stage or when you upload it to TikTok. Now you are ready to share your viral motivational video and start earning through the TikTok Creativity Program.


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1. Can I create viral motivational videos without showing my face? Absolutely! Many creators have achieved success without revealing their identity, focusing on powerful scripts, voiceovers, and visually appealing video footage.

2. Can I use AI tools to generate names and logos for my account? Yes, AI tools like Chat GPT and can help you come up with catchy names and create logos that resonate with your content.

3. Where can I find stock footage for my dark-themed motivational videos? is a great resource for free stock footage. Search for workout-related footage, as it aligns well with the motivational genre.

4. How important are captions in viral motivational videos? Including captions in your videos is essential for better audience engagement and accessibility. CapCut's AI tool can help you generate captions based on the video's audio.

5. Can I add background music to my videos? Absolutely! You can incorporate background music either during the editing process or when you upload the video to TikTok.

6. How can I start earning through the TikTok Creativity Program? Once you have created your viral motivational videos, you can join the TikTok Creativity Program, which pays creators $1 per 1,000 views. Upload your videos to TikTok and start earning based on the views they receive.