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How to Earn $120+ Per Hour INSTANTLY (Make Money Online 2024)

How to Earn $120+ Per Hour INSTANTLY (Make Money Online 2024)

Are you looking for a way to make money online quickly and easily? In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how to earn over 400inlessthan1hourofwork.Evenifyoureacompletebeginnerwithoutawebsite,youcanstillusethismethodtomakemoneyonline.Andtheresevenmore!Imgivingawayupto400 in less than 1 hour of work. Even if you're a complete beginner without a website, you can still use this method to make money online. And there's even more! I'm giving away up to 88,000 a month in cash and other prizes inside our community called the Online Business Club. During this week, anyone who enrolls in our step-by-step training program will also get free lifetime access to the Online Business Club. So, click the first link in the description box below to claim your free access now.

But how does it work? Well, it's simple. You can make money by promoting AI tools through their affiliate programs. Platforms like Futur Tools provide a wide range of AI tools that you can promote without having to purchase them yourself. Look for AI tools that have affiliate programs listed at the bottom of their websites. For example, I found a tool called Submic that helps people edit their short-form content. After signing up as an affiliate, you'll receive a unique affiliate link.

The next step is to search for tutorial videos on YouTube that teach how to use the AI tool you're promoting. For instance, I searched for "how to generate captions with Submic" and found relevant tutorials. Copy the URL of one of these tutorial videos and head over to YouTube Transcript. Paste the URL into the provided space and generate a transcript of the video.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Use Chat GPT to create an article based on the generated transcript. Ask Chat GPT to base the article on the topic and insert the name of the article you want. A step-by-step guide will be generated for you, explaining how to use the AI tool and even providing details on pricing models. Customize the article by removing unnecessary parts and adding your own touch.

To share the article and drive traffic to your affiliate link, you can use a free platform like Simply paste the generated article there and customize it further by adding calls to action throughout the text. Encourage readers to click your affiliate link to instantly access the AI tool. Don't forget to add your affiliate link to these calls to action.

Publish the article on with one click, and make sure to add relevant keywords and topics to attract readers who are interested in the subject. is a great platform to get free traffic and exposure for your affiliate links.

But remember, this is just one method of making money online, and it may not be the one that works best for you. If you're interested in learning more about how to make money online and drive traffic to your links, I recommend clicking the first link in the description box below. In Automation Systems 3.0, I explain my personal strategies for making money online and driving traffic. Plus, those who enroll in Automation Systems within the next 7 days will also receive free lifetime access to the Online Business Club.

By following these steps and using the tools and resources provided, you can start earning passive income and driving traffic to your affiliate links. Take advantage of the opportunities available and begin your journey towards financial freedom today.


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  1. How quickly can I start earning money using this method?

    • You can start earning money almost instantly by following the step-by-step tutorial provided.
  2. Do I need to purchase the AI tools myself in order to promote them?

    • No, you don't need to buy the AI tools. You can simply sign up as an affiliate and earn commissions from your referrals.
  3. Can I use this method if I don't have a website?

    • Absolutely! This method doesn't require you to have your own website. You can share your articles on platforms like to drive traffic and earn money.
  4. How much can I earn using this method?

    • The earning potential is unlimited. It depends on how effectively you promote the AI tools and drive traffic to your affiliate links.
  5. Is it necessary to have a large social media following to be successful with this method?

    • No, having a large social media following is not a requirement. You can make money online without being in front of the camera or having a massive following.