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How to Get Access to All TikTok Monetization Features (from any country)

How to Get Access to All TikTok Monetization Features (from any country)

TikTok has become a popular platform for content creators to showcase their talent and make money. However, accessing all of TikTok's monetization features can be a challenge, especially in certain regions. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to get access to all of TikTok's monetization features, regardless of your location.

Step 1: Setting up a New Profile

To ensure a successful account creation process, it is recommended to create a new profile on your browser. This will help avoid any interference from your previous browsing history. Head to your browser and click on your profile settings. Select "Set up a new profile" to proceed.

Step 2: Using a VPN

Using a VPN is crucial in bypassing TikTok's location restrictions. There are various VPN options available, but we recommend using the Airband VPN, which is free and compatible with both Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers. Simply install the VPN extension or app on your preferred browser.

Step 3: Creating a TikTok Account

Now that you have a new profile and a VPN, it's time to create a TikTok account. Open TikTok's official website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Since TikTok detects your location, select a location like the United States using the VPN. This will allow you to access all of TikTok's monetization features.

Step 4: Verifying Your Account

During the sign-up process, TikTok may request verification to ensure your identity. You may choose to sign up with your phone number or email. If you opt for email verification, make sure to provide an accurate date of birth during the process. TikTok will send a verification code to your email, which you'll need to input to complete the sign-up process successfully.

Step 5: Interacting and Engaging

To solidify your TikTok account's association with the selected location, engage with the platform for a significant amount of time. Like videos, comment, and interact with other users' content for at least 10 minutes. This will help TikTok recognize your account's location and enable access to all monetization features.


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Q: Can I access TikTok's monetization features from any country?
A: Yes, by following the steps outlined in this article, you can access TikTok's monetization features from any country.

Q: Can I use any VPN for this process?
A: While various VPNs are available, we recommend using the free Airband VPN for a smooth account creation and access to TikTok's monetization features.

Q: How important is it to engage with the platform after creating the account?
A: Engaging with TikTok, such as liking videos and leaving comments, is crucial to signal to the platform that you are actively using the account from the selected location.

Q: Is it possible to earn money through TikTok's monetization features?
A: Yes, TikTok offers various monetization features, such as the TikTok Creativity Program, that enable content creators to earn money based on their engagement and following on the platform.