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How to Go Viral in 2024 on TikTok & Reels - Find Your Peak Podcast (Pilot)

How to Go Viral in 2024 on TikTok & Reels - Find Your Peak Podcast (Pilot)

In a recent episode of the "Find Your Peak" podcast, the hosts discussed the topic of going viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Reels. They explored various strategies and ideas that could help content creators go viral in 2024. The hosts shared their thoughts on what constitutes viral content, and each of them presented their unique approaches to achieving viral success in different niches.

Glenn's Idea: Going Viral as a Car Salesman

Glenn, one of the hosts, expressed his interest in leveraging his experience in the automotive industry to create viral content as a car salesman. He proposed a unique approach called the "24-hour Test Drive." In this concept, Glenn would offer potential customers the opportunity to go on a 12-hour road trip with him, showcasing the various features and capabilities of the car they are interested in. By forming a connection with the customers and capturing their journey on camera, Glenn aims to generate viral content that attracts attention and drives sales.

Meg's Idea: Providing Free Life Advice

Meg, another host, discussed how she would go viral by offering free life advice to those feeling sad or lost. Her strategy involves standing on the street with a cardboard sign that reads, "Feeling Sad? Free Advice." Through casual interactions with strangers, Meg would engage in meaningful conversations, providing guidance and support. Filming these encounters would create compelling content that resonates with viewers and showcases her ability to connect with others on a deeper level.

Ben's Idea: Creating Unhinged Social Experiments

Ben, the third host, shared his fascination with unhinged social experiments and highlighted their potential to go viral. He mentioned various examples, such as pranks, mumbled interviews, and unexpected interactions with strangers. Ben emphasized the importance of capturing people's reactions and the discomfort that comes with these experiments. Unharnessing the unpredictable nature of human behavior, he believes that such content can be captivating and attract a significant audience.


In summary, the hosts of the "Find Your Peak" podcast discussed different ideas and strategies for going viral on TikTok and Reels in 2024. Whether it's creating unique content as a car salesman, offering free life advice, or conducting unhinged social experiments, they emphasized the importance of capturing the human experience and forming genuine connections with the audience.

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Q: What is the definition of viral content? A: The hosts of the podcast emphasized that viral content can vary in scope, but it generally refers to videos or posts that garner a significant number of views or shares. While the specific view count may vary for each individual, a viral piece of content generally exceeds the million-view mark.

Q: Are skits a reliable format for going viral? A: Skits, while popular in the past, can be challenging to make go viral. Creating skits that resonate with a broader audience requires careful scripting and acting skills. Skits often require a higher production value and may not provide the same level of genuine human connection as other formats.

Q: Can social experiments help brands go viral? A: Yes, social experiments can be a powerful tool for brands if executed thoughtfully. By showcasing personality, authenticity, and a willingness to step outside the norm, brands can engage viewers and generate viral content that stands out in a crowded social media landscape.

Q: Is it essential for content to have a secondary hook? A: The hosts discussed the importance of providing a reason for viewers to watch content until the end. A secondary hook, such as a surprise element or unexpected twist, can significantly increase engagement and compel viewers to stay engaged with the content.

Q: How can brands effectively leverage the TikTok and Reels platforms? A: Brands that are willing to embrace the unique features of TikTok and Reels, such as trends, challenges, and creative editing tools, have a better chance of gaining traction. It's essential to stay up-to-date with current trends and explore innovative ways to showcase products or services within the platform's creative parameters.

Q: Is staged content acceptable if it's entertaining? A: While some viewers may be critical of staged content, if the content is genuinely entertaining, it can still capture the attention and engagement of audiences. Ultimately, the success of staged content depends on its ability to captivate and connect with viewers, regardless of its authenticity.