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How to Install tiktok Pixel on Shopify In Pakistan | Step By Step Guide

How to Install TikTok Pixel on Shopify In Pakistan | Step By Step Guide

If you want to install TikTok Pixel on your Shopify store in Pakistan, follow these step-by-step instructions to set it up correctly.

Step 1: Install Pixel on Shopify

  1. Log in to your TikTok account and go to
  2. On the dashboard, click on "Tools" and then select "Install Pixel" from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Events page, click on "Manage" and then click on "Create Pixel".
  4. Choose "Manual Setup" and click on "Next".
  5. Give a name to your pixel, for example, "ABC Store".
  6. Select the appropriate event category, such as "Music", and click on "Next".
  7. Click on "Use Template" and then click on "Next".
  8. Uncheck "Event API" and check "Event Builder".
  9. Click on "Next" and you will get a pixel code.
  10. Create the pixel and open the dashboard of your Shopify store.
  11. Go to "Online Store" and click on the three dots next to the current theme.
  12. Select "Edit Code" and find the "head" section in the theme liquid.
  13. Paste the pixel code inside the head section, save, and exit.
  14. Go to "Settings" and click on "Checkout".
  15. Scroll down to "Additional Scripts" and paste the pixel code.
  16. Remove any existing pixel code and click on "Save".

Step 2: Set Up Event Builder

  1. Go back to the TikTok Pixel dashboard.
  2. Click on "Create Event".
  3. Follow the instructions, but do not paste any code.
  4. Install the Pixel Helper plugin for your browser.
  5. Refresh the page and the plugin should be active.
  6. Set up the three tracking options: "View Content", "Add to Cart", and "Complete Payment".
  7. Add relevant keywords, such as "Slush Collection" for "View Content".
  8. Repeat for "Add to Cart" and "Complete Payment" with appropriate keywords.
  9. The pixel is now successfully installed on TikTok and can track these three events on your Shopify store.


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Q: Do I need a TikTok account to install the pixel on Shopify? A: Yes, you need a TikTok account to access the TikTok Pixel dashboard and install the pixel on your Shopify store.

Q: Can I install the pixel on Shopify if I'm not in Pakistan? A: Yes, the installation steps are the same regardless of your location. However, make sure to comply with any local privacy and data protection regulations.

Q: Why is it important to set up different events on the pixel? A: Setting up different events allows the pixel to track specific actions on your website, such as viewing content, adding items to the cart, and completing payments. This information helps you understand user behavior and optimize your marketing efforts on TikTok.

Q: Is the TikTok Pixel installation process the same for all Shopify stores? A: Yes, the installation process is the same for all Shopify stores, regardless of the country. However, some settings may vary based on your store's theme and customization.

Q: Can I track other events using the TikTok Pixel? A: Yes, you can create additional events using the TikTok Pixel dashboard and track specific actions or conversions that are relevant to your business.