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How to Keep Your Tik Tok Ads Consistent (Try This Now)

How to Keep Your Tik Tok Ads Consistent (Try This Now)

Are you struggling with inconsistent performance and creative burnout in your TikTok ads? If so, you're not alone. Many advertisers face these challenges when trying to maintain profitability on the platform. In this article, we'll share a strategy that can help you keep your TikTok ads consistent and profitable.

Step 1: Duplicate Your Winning Ads with a New Manual Pixel

When your ads start underperforming, it's important to take action quickly. One effective strategy is to duplicate your winning ads into a new campaign with a new manual pixel. By creating a fresh pixel, you give yourself a clean slate to work with, allowing your ads to perform better.

To create a manual pixel, navigate to the Events tab in your TikTok Ads Manager and select "Manual Pixel." Paste the pixel code into your Shopify store, including the checkout script. This new pixel will allow you to gather fresh data and optimize your ads for better performance.

Step 2: Regularly Create and Test New Creatives

Creatives play a crucial role in the success of your TikTok ads. To keep your ads consistent and engaging, it's essential to regularly create and test new creatives. Aim for at least five to seven new creatives every week, giving you a competitive edge over others who may be using the same tired content.

By consistently refreshing your creatives, you can keep your audience interested and beat out the competition. Higher conversion rates and better CPAs (cost per acquisition) often result from this dedicated approach to ad creation.


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  1. How does duplicating ads with a new manual pixel improve performance?

    • Creating a new manual pixel allows you to start fresh and gather fresh data, optimizing your ads for better performance.
  2. Why is it important to regularly create and test new creatives?

    • Regularly refreshing your creatives keeps your audience engaged and gives you a competitive edge, leading to higher conversion rates and better CPAs.
  3. Can I keep my old pixel while using a new one?

    • Absolutely. You can still keep your old pixel on your store and campaigns while using a new pixel for duplicating and testing new ads. This way, you can compare the performance of both pixels and make informed decisions.
  4. How often should I duplicate my winning ads?

    • It depends on your campaign's performance. If you notice a decline in performance, consider duplicating your winning ads with a new pixel to reset and improve their effectiveness.