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How to Make $8,923/month with TikTok Creativity Program (FULL COURSE)

How to Make $8,923/month with TikTok Creativity Program (FULL COURSE)

Are you interested in earning money through TikTok? TikTok is currently paying its creators tens of thousands of dollars for creating videos using just their phone, regardless of whether the content is original or not. In this article, we will provide you with a complete course on how to join the TikTok Creativity Program, how to get paid for reposted content, and a money glitch that allows you to outsource your work and make significant earnings. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Getting 10K Followers

The first step towards monetizing your TikTok account is to have at least 10,000 followers. To achieve this, you need to find a high-paying niche – a niche that advertisers are willing to pay more for. Examples of high-paying niches include economics or politics. It is important to avoid niches that primarily attract young viewers. Additionally, it is unnecessary to show your face in the videos; you can use clips from podcasts, interviews, or other videos.

Step 2: Unethical Growth Strategies

For quick growth, you can consider purchasing a page with 10,000 followers or getting 1,000 followers for less than $1. To do this, you can use panels instead of unreliable websites. It is crucial to follow certain rules to ensure success. For example, do not exceed 10,000 followers, create a new or unused account for growth, and log out for a few days after making a purchase.

Step 3: Optimizing Your Page

Optimizing your TikTok page is essential in order to reach the right audience and increase your revenue per mille (RPM). Use relevant hashtags and keywords that are specific to your niche to provide the algorithm with as much information as possible. By doing so, the algorithm can accurately promote your videos to the right audience, leading to higher view counts and improved RPM.

Step 4: Repurposing Content

Repurposing content is a great strategy to maximize the algorithm's belief that your video is original. You can rewrite the script of well-performing videos in your niche or make changes to already-existing videos using editing software. By adding unique elements or effects, you can create original content that has a higher chance of going viral.

Joining the TikTok Creativity Program from Any Country

You can join the TikTok Creativity Program from any country in the world. First, set your phone's language to the country you want to target. Remove your SIM card or consider purchasing a SIM card specific to your target country. Warm up the account by using it for some time, ensuring you don't view videos from your country and that the comments are not in your language. Moreover, use a VPN when using TikTok, ensuring the SIM card is removed or your account is logged out.

Increasing Your RPM

To increase your RPM, focus on improving your retention rate. Aim for viewers to watch your videos for at least 5 seconds, but strive for higher watch times whenever possible. Use layers, effects, and subtitles to keep viewers engaged throughout the video. Creating multiple side stories within your videos will increase the likelihood of viewers staying till the end and ultimately boost your RPM.

Money Glitch for Maximizing Earnings

The money glitch involves reinvesting your earnings into freelance video editors. You can find affordable video editors on platforms like Fiverr or Twitter. On Fiverr, search for video editors who charge 10to10 to 20 for YouTube videos and ask if they can create shorter videos for TikTok at a lower rate. On Twitter, you can tweet asking for budget video editors, and you may find individuals willing to work for free to build their portfolios. This glitch allows you to create multiple TikTok pages and outsource the content creation to maximize your earning potential.

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Q1: Do I need to show my face in TikTok videos to earn money? A: No, showing your face is not necessary. You can use clips from podcasts, interviews, or other videos to create engaging content.

Q2: Can I join the TikTok Creativity Program from any country? A: Yes, you can join the program from any country by following the steps mentioned in this article, including using a VPN and adjusting language settings.

Q3: How can I increase my RPM on TikTok? A: Optimizing your niche, creating original content, and focusing on providing valuable content to viewers can help increase your RPM. Additionally, utilizing layers, effects, and subtitles can improve viewer engagement and retention rates.

Q4: Is it possible to outsource TikTok content creation? A: Yes, it is possible to outsource content creation by hiring freelance video editors. By reinvesting your earnings, you can create multiple TikTok pages and have others create content for you, allowing you to scale and maximize your earnings.

Q5: Are there specific platforms to find affordable video editors? A: Yes, you can find affordable video editors on platforms like Fiverr and Twitter. On Fiverr, search for video editors who charge reasonable rates for YouTube videos and inquire if they can create TikTok content at a lower cost. On Twitter, create a tweet requesting budget video editors, and you may find individuals willing to work for free to gain experience.

Remember, TikTok has immense potential for earning money, and by following the strategies discussed in this article, you can increase your chances of success.