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How to Set Up TikTok Shop || How to Easily Make Money with Tiktok Shop

How to Set Up TikTok Shop || How to Easily Make Money with TikTok Shop

Are you interested in setting up a TikTok shop and making money from it? Tech Talk Shop is a new shopping feature on TikTok that allows merchants, brands, and creators to showcase and sell products directly on the platform. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up your own TikTok shop and start earning.

Step 1: Switch to a Public and Business Account

The first step is to switch your TikTok account from private to public and then to a business account. This will enable you to activate the TikTok shop feature. To do this, click the three-line icon at the upper right corner of your TikTok interface, go to settings, privacy, and switch your account to a public account. Then, go to settings again, click on account, and switch to a business account. Select a category for your business account, such as shopping and retail.

Step 2: Setting Up TikTok Shop

After switching to a business account, go back to your profile and click the three-line icon again. This time, click "Create" and scroll down to find "TikTok Shop for Creator." Joining the shop will allow you to share shoppable products with viewers in your videos. Keep in mind that your account must be in good standing, follow community guidelines, and meet certain requirements, including having over 1,000 followers and being at least 18 years old. Agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, and click "Apply."

Step 3: Start Selling and Earning

Once your application is approved, congratulations! You can now sell and earn on TikTok. To get started, you can either create your own products or promote products as an affiliate. If you don't have any products ready to sell, you can start by affiliating. Follow the steps provided to create an affiliate account and make sure your name matches the name on your beneficiary account. Once your account is created, you can add products to your shop and start earning commissions.

Summary of Steps:

  1. Switch your TikTok account to a public and business account.
  2. Join TikTok Shop for Creator and apply for approval.
  3. Create an affiliate account or add your own products to your shop.
  4. Start selling and earning commissions.


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Q: Can I set up a TikTok shop with a private account? A: No, you need to switch your TikTok account to a public and business account to activate the TikTok shop feature.

Q: Are there any requirements to be eligible for the TikTok shop feature? A: Yes, your account must have over 1,000 followers and you must be at least 18 years old. Your account should also be in good standing and comply with TikTok's community guidelines.

Q: Can I start selling on TikTok without having my own products? A: Yes, you can start by affiliating with products and earning commissions. Later on, you can also create and add your own products to your TikTok shop.

Q: How do I earn money from my TikTok shop? A: You can earn money by selling products and earning commissions from your sales. The more successful your shop becomes, the more potential you have to make money on TikTok.