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How to Use TikTok Marketplace for Your Business - The Subscription Podcast

How to Use TikTok Creator Marketplace for Your Business - The Subscription Podcast

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In a recent episode of The Subscription Podcast, Liam Brennan, co-founder of BusterBox, shared his success story of using TikTok's Creator Marketplace to drive new subscribers and increase brand visibility. TikTok's Creator Marketplace allows businesses to connect directly with content creators on the platform, making it easier to create engaging and authentic content. Here's a breakdown of Liam's insights and how you can leverage TikTok's Creator Marketplace for your business.

Step 1: Utilizing TikTok's Creator Marketplace

Liam emphasized the importance of leveraging the organic reach of TikTok, especially as it is still a relatively new platform. By hiring content creators through the Creator Marketplace, businesses can tap into their large followings at a much more reasonable rate compared to other platforms like Instagram or YouTube. The marketplace provides detailed analytics on each creator, allowing you to assess their engagement rates and audience demographics.

Step 2: Working with Content Creators

When working with content creators, it's essential to provide them with clear guidelines, but also give them creative freedom to resonate with their audience. Liam recommended developing a campaign brief that outlines the key points you want them to cover in their content. It's also beneficial to provide examples of successful videos to inspire their creativity. Additionally, it's crucial to discuss how long the content and accompanying link will remain active in their bio to maximize visibility and engagement.

Step 3: Spark Ads and Tracking Success

One of the unique features of TikTok's Creator Marketplace is the ability to turn successful videos into spark ads. These ads run from the creator's account and amplify the reach and engagement of the original content. To track the success of these ads, businesses can use UTM tags or unique URLs to monitor click-through rates and conversions. However, it's important to balance tracking with the overall performance and cost-effectiveness of the campaign.

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Q: How do I find the right content creators in TikTok's Creator Marketplace? A: While TikTok's search options may be limited, you can filter creators based on your niche and conduct manual research to find the best fit for your brand. Pay attention to their engagement metrics, including likes, shares, comments, and views, compared to other creators.

Q: How much should I pay content creators on TikTok? A: The cost of hiring content creators on TikTok varies. Some creators may have their rates listed, while others require negotiation. It's important to assess their followers, engagement rates, and how they compare to other creators. The marketplace allows you to make offers based on your budget.

Q: Can I use the content created by TikTok creators for other advertising purposes? A: Yes, you can use the content created by TikTok creators for other advertising purposes, such as Facebook ads or your own TikTok account. However, it's essential to outline these terms in your campaign brief and clarify copyright and usage rights with the creator.

Q: How does TikTok's Creator Marketplace help prevent fake influencers? A: TikTok's Creator Marketplace provides detailed analytics on creators, including engagement rates, follower growth, and audience demographics. This helps businesses identify genuine creators and avoid those who may have purchased fake followers. However, it's always important to do thorough research and vetting before making any agreements.