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How will tiktok monetize search #tiktokvsgoogle #tiktoksearch #tiktoksearches #douyin #tiktokads

How will tiktok monetize search? #tiktokvsgoogle #tiktoksearch #tiktoksearches #douyin #tiktokads

Here's a glimpse at how Tick Tock plans to monetize search. They have already managed to shift consumer behavior, with 40% of young people already using TikTok or Instagram when searching for a lunch spot, instead of using Google. In the Chinese version of TikTok, clickable ads and links appear on location-based content, which are utilized to make reservations and book travel. Assuming TikTok adopts the same functionality, it could unlock a new revenue stream by adding dollars from platforms like Yelp, travel sites, and, of course, Google search.


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  1. How has TikTok influenced consumer behavior in search queries?
  2. What features are present in the Chinese version of TikTok for monetizing search?
  3. Which platforms could TikTok collaborate with to generate revenue from search monetization?