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I Answer Your TikTok Shop Questions Because Support Won't...

I Answer Your TikTok Shop Questions Because Support Won't...

Are you confused about how TikTok Shop works? Do you have unanswered questions about selling on the platform? Look no further! In this article, we will address some of the most commonly asked TikTok Shop questions and provide you with the information you need to make the most out of this marketplace.


If you've been using TikTok Shop since its Early Access days, you might have encountered some challenges and had difficulty finding answers to your queries. In this article, we will address questions about topics such as dropshipping, payment timelines, selling fees, and more. With my own experience and insights, I'm here to help you understand the ins and outs of TikTok Shop.

Do I Need an LLC to Open a TikTok Shop?

No, you don't need an LLC to open a TikTok Shop. You can sign up as an individual seller without a registered company. However, individual sellers have certain restrictions, which I will explain later.

Why is My TikTok Shop on Probation?

Every new TikTok Shop starts on probation to prevent scammers and bad actors from damaging the platform. If you register as a company, you will have a maximum of 200 orders per day. Once you reach this limit, all your products will be marked as out of stock until the next day. Individual sellers have a limit of 100 orders per day.

To graduate probation, you need to actively sell on TikTok Shop for at least 60 days, reach 500 completed orders, and meet performance metrics such as a cancellation rate of less than 2.5%, a late dispatch rate of less than 4%, and a return rate of less than 1%.

What Are the Selling Fees on TikTok Shop?

The selling fees on TikTok Shop are relatively low compared to other platforms. You will be charged a referral fee of 2% of the customer payment, plus $0.30 per order. This fee is deducted from the revenue generated by your products.

Who Pays for Shipping and Discounts?

TikTok Shop subsidizes a variety of services, including shipping and discounts, to promote the platform and gain mass adoption. As a seller, you don't need to worry about paying for shipping or providing discounts, as TikTok Shop takes care of these expenses.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

TikTok Shop pays sellers on a daily basis. However, there is a settlement process that takes time. Once an order is delivered to the customer, it enters the settlement process. The standard settlement timeline is the delivery date plus 15 days. After this period, it takes around 2 additional days for the payment to be reflected in your bank account.

There are ways to reduce the settlement time, such as accelerated settlements or express settlements. These options require meeting certain performance metrics, such as a late dispatch rate of less than 4% for express settlement. However, the late dispatch rate metric can be unreliable and may penalize sellers unfairly.

How Can I View Videos Created by People About My Products?

To view videos where affiliates have tagged your products, go to your TikTok Shop analytics and navigate to the video section. This will display the number of videos created, as well as the views they have received. You can also see which affiliates have created the videos and track their performance.

Additionally, you can use third-party tools like Archive to collect all user-generated content related to your brand from multiple platforms, not just TikTok. This allows you to find videos and images where your brand is tagged.

Can I Dropship Products on TikTok Shop?

No, dropshipping is not allowed on TikTok Shop. The platform requires sellers to ship the products themselves or use third-party logistics services. While you can ship products yourself, it is recommended to buy shipping labels directly on TikTok Shop for easy tracking updates and returns.

Can I Sell Digital Products on TikTok Shop?

Unfortunately, TikTok Shop only allows the sale of tangible products. You cannot sell digital products on the platform at the moment.

Can I Sell Customizable Products on TikTok Shop?

Selling customizable products on TikTok Shop can be challenging. If you need to gather additional information from customers, such as customization details, it may delay the shipping process and affect your metrics. It is advisable to avoid selling highly customizable items unless you have a streamlined process in place.

Can I Have Multiple TikTok Shop Accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple TikTok Shop accounts, but they must be registered under different companies or individuals. Each TikTok Shop Seller Center account represents one store, so you cannot manage multiple stores under one account.


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