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I Bought The First 5 Things TikTok Ads Recommended To Me

I Bought The First 5 Things TikTok Ads Recommended To Me

Hello friends! Welcome to another video. This week, I decided to dive into the world of TikTok ads and buy the first five things that were recommended to me. TikTok has become a popular platform for businesses to market their products, and I wanted to see if their targeted algorithm could actually match me with products I might like. So, I downloaded TikTok and began scrolling to see what ads would come my way.

The Variety of Ads

As I scrolled through TikTok, I encountered a wide variety of ads. Some were for big companies like Pizza Hut, while others were for small Etsy shops. Some ads tried to mimic the normal videos on the platform, while others were low effort and confusing. I even came across ads for things like a wireless self-curling hair iron, an earwax remover with a camera, and a tea company selling butterfly pea tea. These ads piqued my curiosity, and I decided to give them a try.

Ad #1: Pizza Hut's Tasteware

The first ad that caught my attention was for Pizza Hut's new limited edition streetwear line called "Tasteware". They had created a tracksuit, t-shirt, slides, and even a necklace inspired by their brand. While I'm not a die-hard Pizza Hut fan, I do appreciate companies doing quirky PR stunts, so I decided to buy some items from the collection. The quality of the merchandise wasn't exceptional, but it was fun to wear and definitely garnered some attention when I wore it to Pizza Hut.

Ad #2: Electronics Mystery Box

The second ad I came across was for an Electronics Mystery Box from a company called "What The Boxio". They advertised mystery boxes filled with returned, overstocked, and liquidated electronics. I chose the small box and was guaranteed a high-priced item like a tablet, MP3 player, or fitness tracker. The idea intrigued me, especially since I had been doing some research on this topic for a YouTube video. Unfortunately, the box took a while to arrive, but it did contain some interesting items such as a wireless mouse, a techcom yx7 fitness tracker, a dual alarm clock, a smart band, and a phone case for a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Ad #3: BeGone Wax Stick

The third ad targeted my curiosity in grossly satisfying content. It was for the BeGone Wax Stick, an earwax remover with a camera. The ad showcased how the device could illuminate and show your ear canal, making it easy to remove wax. While the concept was a bit gross, I was intrigued since I had seen similar content on TikTok. The device worked as advertised, and it was both fascinating and horrifying to see inside my ear. Though the experience was not the most pleasant, the product was effective for its purpose.

Ad #4: Wireless Self-Curling Hair Iron

The fourth ad I encountered was for a wireless self-curling hair iron. The ad demonstrated how effortlessly it can curl hair by simply inserting a strand and letting it work its magic. While I'm not adept at styling my hair, the idea of a self-curling iron appealed to me. I purchased the product from a website called Summer Skin. However, upon further investigation, it seemed to be a knockoff version of the advertised product, and the quality was not exceptional. My attempts at using it were mediocre at best.

Ad #5: Harney and Sons Tea Company

The fifth and final ad was for the Harney and Sons Tea Company, promoting their butterfly pea tea. The ad showcased how the tea changes color from blue to pink when lemon juice is added. As a fan of quirky and visually appealing products, I decided to give it a try. The tea was beautiful to look at, but the taste was a bit underwhelming. Nevertheless, the experience of watching the color change was enjoyable.


In this TikTok ad experiment, I explored a variety of products that were recommended to me. While some of the items delivered on their promises, others fell short in terms of quality and effectiveness. It was an interesting experience to see how well TikTok's ad algorithm could match me with products that aligned with my interests.

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Q: How did you choose which ads to buy from? A: I selected the first five ads that were recommended to me while scrolling through TikTok.

Q: Did the products work as advertised? A: Some of the products worked well and met expectations, while others fell short in terms of quality or effectiveness.

Q: Were you satisfied with the overall experience? A: The experience was fun and intriguing, despite some products not meeting my expectations. It was interesting to see how well TikTok's ad algorithm understood my interests.

Q: Did the ads change your TikTok algorithm? A: It is yet to be seen if the ads I interacted with will influence my TikTok algorithm. The true impact will become apparent over time as I continue to use the platform.