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I bought viral products from tiktok shop

I Bought Viral Products from TikTok Shop

I recently decided to try out some of the popular products that I came across on TikTok. These products had gained a lot of attention and I wanted to see if they lived up to the hype. From the sourest candies to trendy dresses and skincare products, here's my experience with each of them.

Black Death - The Sourest Candy in the World

One of the first products I tried was the Black Death candy, which was claimed to be the sourest candy in the world. The warning label stated that it is not suitable for children under 8 years of age. The candy itself looked intimidating with its black and glass-like appearance.

After giving it a go, I realized how accurate the warning label was. The candy was extremely sour, to the point where it felt like my throat was being assaulted by a ghost. The experience was not pleasant, and I could understand why it was not recommended for young children.

Mega Sour Raspberry Balls

Next, I tried the Mega Sour Raspberry Balls, which were said to rival the sourness of Black Death. These candies came in a blue packaging and had a foam-like texture. Upon tasting them, I could feel the extreme sourness immediately. It was so intense that it left a chalky feeling in my mouth and I couldn't enjoy the candy at all. It was simply too brutal.

Amazon Bag Dresses

I also decided to try out some of the trendy dresses that were popular on TikTok and available on Amazon. One dress, in particular, was a backless dress that looked stunning. However, when I tried it on, I realized it was dangerously see-through and didn't provide enough coverage. The back of the dress was gorgeous, but the front left much to be desired. Another dress I tried had multiple straps, but the fit was off and it just didn't look flattering. Finally, I found a sweater dress that exceeded my expectations. It was comfortable, had a nice fit, and looked great on me. This dress was a definite winner.

Dragon Rene Strawberry Mini Lip Tint

One of the products that caught my attention was the Dragon Rene Strawberry Mini Lip Tint. This lip stain kit was said to be a dupe for the popular Benefit tint. I was pleasantly surprised by this lip tint. It went on smoothly, had a nice scent, and lasted a long time without smudging. It was moisturizing and left a natural-looking tint on my lips.

Korean Skincare Products

Lastly, I decided to try out some Korean skincare products that were trending on TikTok. One of them was the popular Snail Mucin, known for its hydrating properties. Another product I tried was the Mix Bean Cream, which was made from fermented soybeans. Both of these products left my skin feeling moisturized and rejuvenated. The Mix Bean Cream had a rich texture and the Snail Mucin helped to improve the texture of my skin.

Overall, my experience with the viral products from TikTok Shop was a mixed bag. While some products lived up to the hype and exceeded my expectations, others fell short. It was certainly an interesting experiment to try out these trendy items, and I discovered some new favorites along the way.


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Q: Which candy was the sourest in the world? A: The Black Death candy was claimed to be the sourest candy in the world.

Q: Did the Mega Sour Raspberry Balls live up to their name? A: Yes, the Mega Sour Raspberry Balls were extremely sour and had an intense taste.

Q: Are the Amazon bag dresses worth buying? A: It depends on the specific dress. Some of them were disappointing in terms of fit and quality, while others were a pleasant surprise.

Q: How did the Dragon Rene lip tint perform? A: The Dragon Rene lip tint was a great dupe for the Benefit tint, providing long-lasting color and moisturization.

Q: Are Korean skincare products effective? A: Yes, the Korean skincare products, such as Snail Mucin and Mix Bean Cream, proved to be effective in moisturizing and improving the skin's texture.