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I Created A TikTok Shop Affiliate Account & THIS happened

I Created A TikTok Shop Affiliate Account & THIS happened

Recently, I conducted an experiment with a TikTok Creator affiliate account, aiming to make £50 in a week as take-home commissions. TikTok Shop has been a major focus of the TikTok algorithm, so I decided to explore this opportunity. In this article, I will share the results of my experiment and discuss the learnings I gained from it.

The TikTok Shop and TikTok Creator Affiliate Program

TikTok Shop is a feature within TikTok where users can become shop owners and sell their own products. To join TikTok Shop, one option is to become a TikTok Creator affiliate. As a Creator affiliate, you promote products from TikTok Shops, and when someone buys a product through your link, you earn a commission. This works similarly to other affiliate programs.

For my experiment, I chose the niche of women's clothing because it seemed that many women's clothing products were going viral on TikTok. Although I had no expertise in women's clothing, I wanted to have some fun and see how it would turn out.

The Experiment and Results

My strategy was to post an average of 30 TikTok videos per day for a week. I followed a faceless and voiceless approach, using automated videos with minimal editing. I did not use paid promotion or shout outs; all the traffic generated was organic.

Here are the daily earnings I made during the seven-day experiment:

  • Day 1: £12.27
  • Day 2: £16.86
  • Day 3: £5.10
  • Day 4: £10.30
  • Day 5: £18.00
  • Day 6: £27.00
  • Day 7: £18.00

In total, I made £50.83, surpassing my goal of £50 for the week. Considering that the videos were not of high quality and performed below expectations, these results were quite promising.

Learnings from the Experiment

Here are some key learnings from my TikTok Shop affiliate account experiment:

  1. Multiple accounts: You can have multiple TikTok Shop Creator affiliate accounts. As long as you provide accurate and genuine information, TikTok allows you to have multiple accounts associated with the same details.

  2. Mediocre content can still generate commissions: Despite the low-quality videos, I still earned commissions. TikTok's promotional video options limited editing flexibility, but it turned out that even average content could drive sales.

  3. Initial posting volume matters: Posting a high volume of videos at the beginning can generate initial traction and drive traffic to your account. Even if you slow down or completely stop posting, the momentum can still work in your favor.

  4. Potential for higher earnings: While my results were not typical, certain creators show their face and review the products they promote, leading to higher commissions. Focusing on a specific niche can also lead to more targeted sales and higher earnings.

  5. Opportunities for collaborations: Some TikTok Shops reached out to me early on, offering discounts and potential collaborations. This highlights the potential for additional earnings beyond commissions.

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Q: Can I have multiple TikTok Shop Creator affiliate accounts?
A: Yes, you can have multiple TikTok Shop Creator affiliate accounts as long as you provide accurate and genuine information. TikTok allows for multiple accounts associated with the same details.

Q: Do I need to show my face in TikTok Shop affiliate videos?
A: While showing your face and reviewing the products you promote can lead to higher earnings, it is not necessary. You can still generate commissions with creative and engaging content, even if you choose to remain faceless.

Q: How important is posting volume in TikTok Shop affiliate marketing?
A: Posting a high volume of videos at the beginning can generate initial traction and drive organic traffic to your account. However, as you establish momentum, you may not need to post as frequently in later stages.

Q: Is TikTok Shop affiliate marketing suitable for all niches?
A: TikTok Shop affiliate marketing can be successful in various niches. However, narrowing down your focus to a specific niche, such as women's shoes or men's tech products, can lead to more targeted sales and potentially higher earnings.

Q: Can collaborations with TikTok Shops increase affiliate earnings?
A: Yes, collaborations with TikTok Shops can provide additional opportunities for earnings. Some shops may offer discounts or partnership opportunities, allowing for increased commissions and potential growth.

In conclusion, my experiment with a TikTok Shop affiliate account yielded positive results, surpassing the initial goal. Although it required consistent posting and some niche research, this strategy has the potential to be a profitable option for content creators interested in affiliate marketing on TikTok.