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I Found The Easiest Side Hustles That Will ACTUALLY Make You Rich ($333/Day)

I Found The Easiest Side Hustles That Will ACTUALLY Make You Rich ($333/Day)

In a world dominated by YouTube videos claiming to reveal the secrets of making thousands of dollars per day, it's natural to be skeptical. If these methods are so profitable, why aren't the YouTubers themselves using them? Despite my suspicions, I decided to give 10 of the most popular side hustles on YouTube my best effort to see if I can make $10,000 in the next 30 days. And if I succeed, I will give away one of these money-generating assets to a lucky person in the comments section who also likes this video.

Let's dive into the different side hustles and see how they performed:

1. Ambient YouTube Videos

The first side hustle involved creating two faceless YouTube channels focused on the outer space niche and the self-help niche. We hired a top freelancer to edit the videos and bought already monetized channels. Despite our efforts, we made $0 and even lost money on this venture.

2. Etsy Dropshipping

Next up was Etsy dropshipping. We created print-on-demand shirts with copyright-free designs and listed them on Etsy. We made around 100insalesbutendeduplosinganother100 in sales but ended up losing another 100 due to outsourcing costs.

3. Facebook Dropshipping

With Facebook dropshipping, we listed products from eBay and Amazon on Facebook Marketplace. We managed to make 300inprofitover25days,buthadtospend300 in profit over 25 days, but had to spend 900 upfront to achieve this. After factoring in the outsourcing cost, we only made $240 in profit.

4. AI Ad Agency

Creating an AI Ad Agency seemed promising, but we encountered difficulties in finding clients. Despite sending 500 cold messages, we failed to secure any commitment during the 3-week period.

5. Task-Based Websites

We tested various websites that claim to offer money for completing tasks. After investing around 20 hours across eight different sites, we only made around $15 per hour. It wasn't a significant income stream.

6. Passive Income with Crypto

Passive income with cryptocurrency showed promise. With 10,000staked,wemade10,000 staked, we made 410 (4%) in passive income over the month. While this didn't contribute significantly to the total income, it held potential for future growth.

7. Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage involved finding discounted products in local stores and reselling them for profit. We managed to make 200inprofitafterspending200 in profit after spending 200 and saw potential in hiring someone to continue this venture.

8. Wholesale Deals

By leveraging our network, we found a wholesale deal where we spent 8,800toearna8,800 to earn a 4,000 profit. This reflected the advantage of having established connections.

9. eBay to Amazon Flipping

Using a software tool called FlipMine, we sought opportunities to buy products cheaper on eBay and sell them for higher prices on Amazon. Over the course of 21 days, we made $4,700 in profit using this method.

Total Income

Taking into account all the income streams mentioned above, our total income for the month amounted to just over $99,000.

However, it's important to note that making money online is not easy. Many of these side hustles required upfront investments, specialized skills, or building a network over an extended period of time. While some showed potential, others proved challenging or unprofitable.


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1. Can I really make $10,000 in 30 days with these side hustles? While it's possible to make significant money with some of these side hustles, it's not guaranteed. Success often depends on factors such as market demand, strategy, skills, and personal effort. Don't expect instant riches.

2. Are there any side hustles without upfront costs? Some side hustles, like task-based websites, don't require significant upfront investment. However, the earning potential is often limited, and it may not generate substantial income.

3. Can I start these side hustles without any experience? Certain side hustles, like ambient YouTube videos or Etsy dropshipping, may seem easy to start without experience. However, success often comes with a solid understanding of marketing, business fundamentals, and the determination to learn and adapt.

4. How much time and effort did it take to achieve these results? The results presented are based on 30 days of intensive work. It's worth noting that the level of effort and time investment will vary depending on the individual and their ability to navigate each side hustle successfully.

5. Should I try all of these side hustles at once? Engaging in multiple side hustles simultaneously can be overwhelming and may limit your ability to focus on each one effectively. It's often advisable to choose one or two side hustles that align with your skills and interests to increase your chances of success.

6. Are these side hustles sustainable long-term? While some side hustles may offer long-term potential, they often require ongoing effort, adaptability, and a keen eye for market trends. It's crucial to assess each opportunity carefully and consider your ability to scale or sustain the business before committing for the long term.