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I Quit My $35K Job To Grow My Side Hustle - Now It Brings In $141 Million

I Quit My 35KJobToGrowMySideHustleNowItBringsIn35K Job To Grow My Side Hustle - Now It Brings In 141 Million

In 2014, Tori Gerbig made a life-changing decision. She walked away from her job earning under 40,000ayeartofocusonhersidehustle.Littledidsheknowthatthisdecisionwouldleadtoimmensesuccess.Today,ToriisthefounderandCEOofPinkLily,anecommercestorethatgeneratedover40,000 a year to focus on her side hustle. Little did she know that this decision would lead to immense success. Today, Tori is the founder and CEO of Pink Lily, an e-commerce store that generated over 141 million in revenue last year.

After graduating college in 2009, Tori found herself in a tough financial situation. With over $70,000 in student loans, a mortgage, and car loans, she and her husband were barely making ends meet. To supplement their income, they turned to selling on eBay. From golf clubs to Halloween masks, they sold anything they could find that was trending online. It was through a Facebook group that their sales skyrocketed, and Tori realized the potential of an online store.

Working full-time and taking care of her newborn son, Tori would dedicate long hours at night to her side hustle. She juggled her responsibilities, from working during the day to being a mom at night, and then focusing on her business in the late hours. She even sold products out of the trunk of her car during lunch breaks. Despite the sleepless nights and tireless efforts, Tori's passion and determination fueled her drive.

Eventually, Tori and her husband decided to launch their own e-commerce website to reach a larger audience. Although it had a rough start, their goal was to bring in over $100,000 in sales in one month. Surpassing their expectations, they achieved this milestone in their fourth month of business. With the realization that they had built something extraordinary, Tori made the bold decision to quit her corporate job in April 2014. Her husband followed suit in July of the same year.

Starting with an emergency fund of around 10,000,Toriandherhusbandtookaleapoffaith.Theirfirstyeargoalwas10,000, Tori and her husband took a leap of faith. Their first-year goal was 50,000 in sales, but they ended up generating over 4million.From2014to2015,theirrevenuegrewfrom4 million. From 2014 to 2015, their revenue grew from 4.1 million to over 12million.In2021,PinkLilyfinishedtheyearwithastaggering12 million. In 2021, Pink Lily finished the year with a staggering 141 million in revenue.

Running a business with her spouse hasn't been without its challenges, but Tori and her husband's dedication and complementary personalities have made them a successful team. However, it wasn't always easy, and Tori used to work 60 to 70 hours a week to ensure the business's growth.

Nowadays, Tori's day-to-day varies, filled with Zoom meetings, brainstorming sessions with different teams, and traveling for photoshoots and buying trips. Despite the rigorous schedule, Tori is grateful for the opportunities Pink Lily has opened up for her. Not only has it provided financial freedom, but it has also allowed her to spend more time with her children and pursue her passions.

Tori's journey from leaving corporate America to becoming the CEO of Pink Lily exemplifies the power of following one's dreams. As a female leader in the industry, Tori hopes to inspire others, especially her own daughters, to believe in their abilities and find success in any field.


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1. How much revenue did Pink Lily generate last year? Pink Lily generated over $141 million in revenue last year.

2. When did Tori quit her corporate job to focus on her side hustle? Tori quit her corporate job in April 2014.

3. How did Tori juggle her responsibilities between work, motherhood, and her side hustle? Tori dedicated long hours at night to her side hustle, even selling products out of her car during lunch breaks. She worked during the day, took care of her son in the evenings, and focused on her business late at night.

4. How did Pink Lily achieve such tremendous growth? Pink Lily's growth can be attributed to its online presence, strong marketing strategies, and high-quality products. Tori's dedication and hard work also played a significant role.

5. How has running a business with her spouse impacted Tori and her husband? Running a business with her spouse has had its challenges, but Tori and her husband's complementary personalities and strong work ethic have made them a successful team.

6. What advice does Tori have for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly female leaders? Tori encourages aspiring entrepreneurs, especially female leaders, to believe in their abilities and pursue their dreams. She wants to inspire others to know that success is possible regardless of gender or industry.