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I Revealed a New Niche for the TikTok Creativity Program in 2024 - Smash Views!

I Revealed a New Niche for the TikTok Creativity Program in 2024 - Smash Views!

As thousands of people search for the daily schedule and results of football matches, there is a great opportunity for content creators to take advantage of this demand. Surprisingly, this niche remains untapped, with few creators exploring it due to copyright concerns. However, with the right strategy, even those without knowledge of football can succeed in this niche. In this article, I will share a trouble-free method to create TikTok videos presenting match schedules and results that can attract thousands of views.

The Strategy

The first step is to search for the information you need on websites like Soccerway Live Score and Flash Score, which provide comprehensive details about football competitions worldwide. These websites offer match schedules, team standings, results, news, and statistics. From my exploration, I found Livescore to be the easiest and most user-friendly option.

To start, focus on the five most famous leagues globally:

  1. Premier League (England)
  2. La Liga (Spain)
  3. Serie A (Italy)
  4. Bundesliga (Germany)
  5. Ligue 1 (France)

These leagues have widespread global popularity and feature the best clubs and players in the world. Livescore categorizes teams and leagues in an easy-to-understand way, making it an ideal source for gathering match information.

I have created two templates using Canva, which you can easily edit to create ready-to-publish videos. The first template is designed for announcing match schedules in the five leagues, while the second template focuses on match results. You can find the links to these templates in the description box of the video.

To create the first video, enter Livescore and navigate to the "Competitions" section. Select the Premier League and copy the phrase "Premier League." Then, paste it into the Canva template, remove any unnecessary links, and adjust the size to fit inside the blue rectangle.

Next, search for the Premier League logo on Google, choose a simple logo without text, and download it. Add the logo to the Canva template, resize it, and position it nicely in the center.

Now, write the team names for the match. For example, Aston Villa and Sheffield United. Search for the logos of these teams on Google, download them, and add them to the Canva template. You can remove the background using Canva's editing tools.

Include additional details such as the referee's name, stadium name (e.g., Villa Park), match date (e.g., December 22nd, 9:00 PM), and adjust the neon animation to make the text stand out. Repeat this process for other matches and leagues.

For match result videos, follow the same process but focus on presenting the final results of the matches. Add the league name, logos, team names, and result (e.g., Crystal Palace 1, Brighton 1). Include a voiceover to make the video more engaging and professional.


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Q: Can I create TikTok videos about match schedules and results even if I don't have knowledge of football? A: Yes, you can create these videos with the provided method, even if you have limited knowledge of football. The websites and templates make it easy to gather the necessary information.

Q: Is there a risk of copyright issues when creating these videos? A: While copyright is always a concern, with the provided method, you are summarizing information and not directly using copyrighted material. However, it's important to avoid copying and pasting content from other sources without proper attribution.

Q: Are there copyright restrictions when using Canva's background images and videos? A: Canva provides a library of images and videos that you can use as backgrounds, and they are typically royalty-free or under appropriate licensing. However, it's always recommended to double-check the licensing information for each asset you use.

Q: How can I get a Canva Pro account for free? A: To get a Canva Pro account for free, you can search for " brand join" on Twitter. Various links will appear, and by joining one of the teams through those links, you can access Canva Pro features without any cost.

Q: How often should I publish TikTok videos about match schedules and results? A: It is recommended to publish at least two videos per day – one in the morning presenting the match schedules and another in the evening sharing the match results. Consistency is key to building an interested audience.