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I Reviewed Horrible Ads on TikTok (Again)

I Reviewed Horrible Ads on TikTok (Again)

In a recent video, I took a closer look at the abysmal ads on TikTok that are often swiped away within seconds. These advertisements are often laughable due to their lack of effort or effectiveness. Since a new batch of ads has rolled out since my last review, I decided to do it again and share my thoughts on these videos that deserve to be laughed at. From mobile games to dating apps, these ads showcase the desperate and money-hungry tactics used by advertisers. So, here we go again!

I started off by discussing the infamous mobile game, BitLife. While I used to enjoy playing it back in the day, the game has become one of the most ad-filled and money-driven mobile games of all time. It bombards players with numerous ads, making it nearly unplayable without purchasing an overpriced monthly subscription that promises no ads and additional features. It's unfortunate how mobile games have gone downhill, relying heavily on internet usage and ads.

Next, I came across an ad for a dating app called Play Live. Intrigued, I decided to download the app and investigate further. However, it turned out to be just another run-of-the-mill dating app, similar to Tinder, with a worldwide matchmaking feature. It lacked the localized approach that apps like Tinder offer, making it less appealing and practical. Why use an app that connects you with people you'll likely never see again?

Moving on, I stumbled upon an ad promoting zodiac sign compatibility through an app called Nebula. It baffles me how people genuinely believe that zodiac signs accurately depict someone's personality or compatibility. Trusting an app to determine the fate of a relationship seems superficial and nonsensical. Zodiac signs are subjective and can apply to almost anyone, rendering this app's claims useless.

Then, there was an ad by Oreo suggesting that freezing their cookies turns them into a delicious frozen treat. Personally, I have a dislike for Pop-Tarts and the synthetic taste they possess, which made this advertisement unappealing. Marketing strategies that lure people in with false promises of dinner ideas but offer only dessert options are perplexing and off-putting.

In another ad, Bumble, a dating app, was praised for its "women make the first move" approach. While empowering women is essential, the way it was presented in the video made it grating. The demeaning and cliché comments made by the individuals in the ad might lead one to consider other dating apps or alternatives.

Overall, these ads were just a glimpse into the vast amount of terrible advertisements on TikTok. It was disheartening to find that none of them offered anything genuinely useful or helpful. With the exception of Shaq's endorsement, which is undeniably awesome, the majority of these ads were forgettable and lacked substance.


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Q: What were the advertisements reviewed in the video?
A: The reviewed advertisements covered various topics such as mobile games (BitLife), dating apps (Play Live and Bumble), zodiac compatibility (Nebula), and Oreo cookies.

Q: Did the mobile game BitLife receive criticism?
A: Yes, BitLife was heavily criticized for its excessive ads and its reliance on expensive monthly subscriptions to remove ads and access additional features.

Q: What was the main issue with the dating app Play Live?
A: Play Live, while offering worldwide matchmaking, lacked the localized approach and potential for real-life connections that apps like Tinder provide.

Q: How were zodiac signs ridiculed in the video?
A: The video expressed skepticism towards the accuracy of zodiac signs in determining personality traits and compatibility. The Nebula app, using zodiac signs as a basis for romantic relationships, was viewed as superficial and nonsensical.

Q: What was the reaction to the advertisement for freezing Oreo cookies?
A: The freezing of Oreo cookies was met with skepticism due to the subjective taste preferences of the creator and the misleading marketing tactics of offering dessert options instead of dinner ideas.

Q: How was the Bumble dating app portrayed in the video?
A: The video acknowledged the empowering aspect of women making the first move on Bumble but mocked the cliché dialogue and presentation used in the ad. This led to questioning the necessity of dating apps in today's world.