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I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm To Make Me Go Viral

I Rigged the TikTok Algorithm To Make Me Go Viral

In a recent experiment, I delved into the intricacies of the TikTok algorithm to better understand how it works and how to gain more followers and views. Over the course of seven days, I tested various strategies and theories, gradually shifting my content from tech-related to algorithm-focused videos. Through this experiment, I aimed to uncover the secrets behind TikTok's algorithm and its impact on user engagement.

To begin with, I analyzed the efficacy of hashtags in promoting videos on the platform. Contrary to popular belief, I found that hashtags had a negligible effect on the reach and promotion of videos. This means that adding hashtags doesn't significantly increase the chances of your content being seen by a wider audience. However, what did prove successful was incorporating famous sounds in the background of videos, even if the volume is set to zero. This trick led to higher promotion and engagement from the algorithm.

Throughout the experiment, I observed a significant rise in followers and likes on my TikTok account. Within the first four days, I gained 71,000 followers and 1.3 million likes. Notably, videos with famous sounds garnered an average of 237,100 likes, while those without only received an average of 840 likes. These findings demonstrated the algorithm's preference for famous sounds and their ability to boost post visibility and reach.

As I delved further into the experiment, I encountered some obstacles. Due to my rapid growth and the fact that I uploaded videos from my camera roll, TikTok suspected my account of using bots. This led to certain videos being reviewed before they could be published. Although this issue was eventually resolved, it highlighted the challenges of rapid growth on the platform.

As the experiment progressed, I adjusted my content strategy to align more with the interests of the TikTok audience. I discovered that educational content does not perform as well on the platform compared to trend-based or controversial content. Engagement and comments played a vital role in boosting visibility, as TikTok's algorithm prioritizes videos that generate conversations and interactions.

Further analysis of 10,000 TikToks revealed additional insights. Around 79.2% of videos on the For You page featured hashtags, but the presence of hashtags did not significantly impact the average likes per post. Verified accounts represented 16.5% of all creators on the For You page, while the absence of popular creators like Charlie D'Amelio was noticeable.

In conclusion, my experiment shed light on the inner workings of the TikTok algorithm and provided valuable insights for content creators. Originality, differentiation, and engagement proved to be key factors in gaining traction on the platform. By breaking away from trends, incorporating famous sounds, and generating conversations, content creators can increase their visibility and enhance their TikTok experience.


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Q: Do hashtags significantly impact TikTok's algorithm?
A: No, my experiment showed that hashtags have a negligible effect on the reach and promotion of videos on TikTok.

Q: Are famous sounds important for video promotion?
A: Yes, videos with famous sounds in the background, even at zero volume, were more likely to be promoted and received higher engagement from TikTok's algorithm.

Q: Did educational content perform well on TikTok?
A: Educational content tends to underperform on TikTok compared to trend-based or controversial content. TikTok's algorithm prioritizes videos that generate conversations and engagement.

Q: How important is engagement on TikTok?
A: Engagement, such as comments and interactions, plays a crucial role in increasing visibility on TikTok. The algorithm favors videos that generate conversations and interactions among users.

Q: What can content creators do to increase their visibility on TikTok?
A: Differentiate your content by offering something unique and original. Incorporate famous sounds and strive to generate conversations and engagement to boost visibility on the platform.