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I Tried Dropshipping For 7 Days! (dead)

I Tried Dropshipping For 7 Days! (dead?)

In this video, the creator sets out on a mission to find a winning product, create a website around it, and run ads with the goal of buying a Bugatti by the end of the video. The creator outlines their top five criteria for selecting a product: 1) a problem-solving product, 2) a product with a "wow" factor, 3) a product that is already trending, 4) a product with a high perceived value, and 5) a product with room for improvement.

The creator begins their product research using a tool called Mina, which allows them to search for dropshipping products on Facebook. They find a product that meets their criteria – a cider for a gun that helps with zeroing in on optics. They create a website for this product, complete with product descriptions, images, pricing, and reviews.

Video ads are ordered and received, and the creator sets up two campaigns with multiple ad groups. After running the ads for a couple of days, they discover that their Facebook ads are not properly tracked, but they have made three sales. They decide to continue running the ads while making changes based on the results.

After seven days of running Facebook ads, the results are as follows: a total of $ 144 in sales, with varying sales numbers each day. However, the ads are eventually rejected, leading to the end of the challenge.

In terms of profitability, after deducting the product cost and domain cost, the creator calculates a profit of $ 111. While they did not achieve their goal of buying a Bugatti, they are looking for ways to improve the product, ad copy, and creatives to potentially make it work in the future.


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  1. What are the top criteria for selecting a product for dropshipping?
    • The top criteria include the product's problem-solving capabilities, a "wow" factor, trending potential, high perceived value, and room for improvement.
  2. Which tool did the creator use for product research?
    • The creator used a tool called Mina, which allows them to search for dropshipping products on Facebook.
  3. How did the creator track their Facebook ads' performance?
    • Unfortunately, the creator faced issues with tracking their Facebook ads and could not accurately determine which creatives or ad sets led to sales.
  4. Did the creator achieve their goal of buying a Bugatti through dropshipping?
    • No, the creator did not achieve their goal of buying a Bugatti. However, they made a profit of $ 111 after deducting product and domain costs.
  5. What changes will the creator make for future dropshipping endeavors?
    • The creator plans to experiment with new creatives, ad copy, and product improvement to potentially make their dropshipping business more successful in the future.