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I Tried Dropshipping On TikTok With Only $500 (INSANE RESULTS)

I Tried Dropshipping On TikTok With Only $500 (INSANE RESULTS)

In this article, we will explore the journey of starting a dropshipping business from scratch with just $500 and using TikTok as a primary advertising platform. We will walk through the entire process, including choosing a winning product, setting up a Shopify website, running TikTok ad campaigns, and ultimately aiming for a profitable store. This challenge aims to prove that successful dropshipping businesses can be built with minimal investment.

Step 1: Choosing a Winning Product

The first crucial step in the process is identifying a winning product to sell. To find popular products, the creator used TikTok and searched for the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. By setting the search filter to display the top liked posts in the last 7 days, they scrolled through the content to find a product that caught their eye. They found a heated blanket, which was unique as it could also be worn like a sweater and had three heating modes.

To validate the product's potential, they also checked Google Trends, which indicated a spike in interest for this product around October every year. With the timing aligning perfectly for the fall and winter season, they believed they had found a winning product.

Step 2: Setting Up a Shopify Website

Next, the creator proceeded to create a Shopify website to showcase and sell the chosen product. They used a free trial offer for Shopify and spent an additional $15 for a domain name. The website was named "Toasty Knit" to match the brand identity of the product. The creator utilized the freeon theme and spent around four hours customizing the website.

The product page included attractive images, videos showcasing the product in action, customer reviews imported from AliExpress, estimated delivery time, and a FAQ section. To enhance the appearance and functionality of the website, the creator used apps like Looks for displaying reviews and Estimated Delivery Time for informing customers about shipping.

Step 3: Pushing Traffic with TikTok Ad Surf Scaling Strategy

With the website ready, the next step was to drive traffic to it using TikTok ads. The creator chose to outsource the task of creating high-converting TikTok ads by using a service called Dropify Ads, which specializes in creating ads. They purchased a package that included the creation of five TikTok video ads for $160.

To run the ads, a new TikTok ad account was required. The creator utilized a special link provided by TikTok, which allowed them to receive free advertising credit based on their spending. They qualified for 100infreeadcreditsastheyspent100 in free ad credits as they spent 348 on ads.

For the ad campaign, the creator used the surf scaling strategy. They created a campaign with ten ad groups, with five set on automatic targeting and the other five on custom targeting. Daily budgets started at $20 and were doubled every three hours based on the performance of the ads.

Results and Profit Calculation

On the first day of running the ads, the store generated 1,500insales,withatotalof17orders.Thecostperclick(CPC)was1,500 in sales, with a total of 17 orders. The cost per click (CPC) was 0.49, click-through rate (CTR) was 2.19%, and cost per acquisition (CPA) was 2.50.Theprofitswerecalculatedbysubtractingtheadcosts,productcosts,andShopifyexpensesfromthetotalsales.Inthiscase,thecreatorachievedaprofitof2.50. The profits were calculated by subtracting the ad costs, product costs, and Shopify expenses from the total sales. In this case, the creator achieved a profit of 96.99, resulting in an impressive 45% profit margin.


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In conclusion, starting a dropshipping business with a limited budget on TikTok can yield impressive results with the right strategy. By carefully choosing a winning product, setting up an attractive website, and implementing a surf scaling ad campaign, it is possible to generate substantial sales and profits.