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I Tried Dropshipping on TikTok as a Beginner (Went VIRAL)

I Tried Dropshipping on TikTok as a Beginner (Went VIRAL)

I tried TikTok Dropshipping for five months, and despite facing challenges and disappointment, I finally found success. In this article, I will share my journey, the strategies I used, and the lessons I learned along the way.

For the last five months, I dedicated myself to the world of TikTok Dropshipping. I embarked on this journey with high hopes, but after numerous failed attempts, I began to doubt myself. However, things started to turn around recently, and I want to share my experience to help other beginners in their Dropshipping endeavors.

Finding the Right Product

To start my journey, I knew I needed to find a winning product. I used a TikTok burner account to optimize my account and only see content from other Dropshipping stores. After scrolling through countless options, I stumbled upon a product that seemed promising. It was gaining significant popularity and was reasonably priced, unlike other options available.

Once I ordered the product, I focused on creating everything needed for my online store, including the logo, social media accounts, and website. After a few days, the product arrived, and I started creating videos to promote it.

Experimenting with Video Content

Initially, I was unsure about the type of videos to create as my previous attempts had not yielded great results. So, I decided to replicate the videos of my competitor who was gaining traction on TikTok. I noticed that controversial videos tend to go viral, so I incorporated this element into my content strategy.

In these controversial videos, I would reply to a comment suggesting dropping the product, but I reversed the video and claimed it defied physics. I posted these videos regularly, but they didn't go viral immediately. It was disheartening, but I kept posting consistently.

Discovering the Power of Instagram

While my TikTok videos were not gathering much attention, I discovered something interesting about Instagram. I reuploaded the same videos on Instagram and witnessed a significant increase in views and engagement. Every video I posted on Instagram received over 10,000 views, with some even crossing the 100,000 mark. Despite the lack of sales, this gave me hope that my content had the potential to go viral.

Learning from the Failure

Confused about the disconnect between views and sales, I turned to YouTube for guidance. I learned that controversy alone does not translate into sales. It is important to focus on creating high-quality, effective advertisements that genuinely sell your products. This realization prompted me to modify my content strategy.

Embracing Viral Ecom Ads

To create ad creatives that truly convert, I started using Viral Ecom Ads. This renowned company specializes in creating ads specifically tailored for Dropshipping. With over 50,000 ads created for over 25,000 clients, they have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. From Facebook and TikTok video ads to animation and user-generated content, Viral Ecom Ads offers a comprehensive range of ad options to suit every need. Their quick turnaround time of one to three business days ensures you won't be waiting long to receive your ads. Use this link to avail a 15% discount on your order from Viral Ecom Ads.

Targeting the Right Audience

Realizing that most online buyers are based in the United States, I decided to target this specific audience. By using a USA SIM card, I was able to create a TikTok account that primarily showed content from the United States. This change in strategy allowed me to tap into the market that held the most potential for online sales.

Focusing on Video Quality

Compared to my competitors, I realized that my video quality was subpar. To level the playing field, I invested in a new iPhone with better camera capabilities. Upgrading my equipment significantly improved the quality of my videos, making them more visually appealing and engaging.

The Mini Snipe Product

Although I wanted to try a new product due to increased competition and my main competitor no longer posting, I stumbled upon the "mini snipe." It wasn't going viral at the time, but the same person who had success with the fidget product was now selling it. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot.

After receiving the product, I started creating videos that were inspired by other Dropshipping videos but with a unique twist focused on my mini snipe product. Initially, these videos didn't gain much traction. However, upon reviewing and analyzing my content, I realized they lacked excitement and interest. To address this, I started incorporating sound effects, cuts, and zooms into my videos just like I do on YouTube. This change revitalized my content and led to the next breakthrough.

Controversy and Virality

In one of my videos, I replied to a comment suggesting using an airsoft gun. Guns being a controversial topic, I explained that the mini snipe was perfect for "sniping" friends in class. Little did I know that this video would go viral, quickly garnering over 500,000 views. The video sparked debates, and the engagement was off the charts.

With over 1,000 visitors to my store, 98 add to carts, and 82 reached checkout, I finally started to see sales. The video generated five conversions, marking a turning point in my Dropshipping journey.

Overcoming Hindrances

Despite the progress, I encountered some obstacles along the way. One major setback was a negative review on my store that damaged credibility and hindered conversions. Swiftly, I changed my review widget settings to require my approval for each review. I also deleted the negative review, and the impact was immediate. Sales started rolling in again, giving me hope for further success.

The Journey Continues

While my journey in Dropshipping has been full of ups and downs, I am not giving up. With 350instorerevenueandover350 in store revenue and over 200 in profit, I have finally started to see the fruits of my efforts. I am now on the hunt for a new winning product, ready to run it up and share the results in my upcoming videos.

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Q1: What strategies did the author use to find a winning product in TikTok Dropshipping? The author utilized a TikTok burner account to optimize their account to only see content from other Dropshipping stores. They scrolled through different options and selected a product that was gaining popularity and cost-effective.

Q2: How did the author overcome the challenge of low engagement on TikTok? The author discovered that reuploading their videos on Instagram generated significantly more views and engagement. They also realized the importance of creating high-quality, effective ads that genuinely sell the products.

Q3: How did the author manage to go viral with their mini snipe product? The author modified their video content by adding sound effects, cuts, and zooms to make them more visually appealing and exciting. They also incorporated controversial elements, leading to a video that sparked debates and garnered over 500,000 views.

Q4: How did the author address negative reviews and improve conversions? Upon receiving a negative review on their store, the author promptly changed their review widget settings to require their approval for each review. They also deleted the negative review, leading to improved credibility and increased sales.