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I Tried TikTok Automation For 100 Days (Creativity Program)

I Tried TikTok Automation For 100 Days (Creativity Program)

In the past 100 days, I embarked on a journey to test the viability of using TikTok automation to make some extra cash. With the goal of monetizing my creativity, I started a faceless TikTok account and implemented various strategies to maximize my chances of going viral. Today, I am excited to share my results and the key principles I followed to achieve success in the TikTok automation world.

The Journey

100 days ago, I started a faceless TikTok account with the intention of leveraging the creativity program to generate income. I focused on outsourcing the scriptwriting and voiceover to AI, and the editing to a freelancer for a nominal fee of $5 per video. By automating the process, I was able to save time and money while still producing high-quality content.

Within this period, my account gained over 230,000 followers and started generating a monthly income of over $3,000. The most incredible part is that I didn't even create the videos myself. Instead, I relied on AI-generated scripts and edits to captivate my audience. This unique approach, known as faceless TikTok automation, allowed me to achieve significant profits from minimal investment.

Principles for Going Viral

To consistently generate viral content and maximize profit potential, I followed five key principles:

Principle 1: Hook People and Maintain High Retention

Engaging hooks that capture viewers' attention within the first three seconds are crucial for TikTok's algorithm to push your video to a wider audience. I focused on starting my videos with high-quality clips and an intriguing opening sentence that clearly conveyed what the video is about. Quick edits and cuts at regular intervals ensured that the video remained engaging throughout.

Principle 2: Come Up With Good Video Ideas

The idea or topic of your video is the heart of its success. While I occasionally drew inspiration from successful accounts in my niche, I ensured my content had its unique touch. By creating original videos or putting my spin on viral topics, I was able to cater to my audience's interests while maintaining authenticity.

Principle 3: Get People to Comment

Increasing engagement metrics, such as comments, is crucial for TikTok's algorithm to favorably promote your videos. I employed various tactics, including straightforward requests to comment, as well as tricks to spark curiosity or discussion. Making my AI-generated voice sound zesty and peculiar, for instance, encouraged viewers to engage with the content through comments.

Principle 4: Target Viewers' Emotions

Creating an emotional connection with viewers significantly increases the likelihood of a video going viral. By specifically targeting vulnerability to cuteness, I invoked a positive emotional response in viewers. Intentionally including clips of irresistibly cute baby animals led to higher retention, more likes, comments, and shares.

Principle 5: Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial for building a successful TikTok account. I maintained a regular posting schedule, sharing one to two videos per day. Despite any personal reservations or fluctuations in engagement, I remained dedicated to consistently planning, revising, and posting content. It's important not to give up during periods of low views, as TikTok often tests accounts with such challenges.

Mistakes to Avoid

Throughout my journey, I learned from my mistakes and encountered three significant ones worth avoiding:

Mistake 1: Giving Up at the Wrong Time

It's essential to differentiate between a new account with no viral videos and an established account experiencing a temporary slump. If your first 20 videos fail to gain traction, it might be wise to start afresh in a new niche. However, giving up during a brief period of low views, especially when you have previously achieved virality, can hinder long-term success. Persistence during testing periods often leads to future viral hits.

Mistake 2: Unoriginal Content

Avoid creating content that violates TikTok's policies or gets repeatedly disqualified from earning revenue. While influencers may promote certain types of videos, such as clips from live streams or using copyrighted content, TikTok is cracking down on these practices. By focusing on original content with AI-assisted edits, you minimize the risk of disqualification and maximize monetization potential.

Mistake 3: Not Utilizing Other Monetization Opportunities

Beyond the creativity program, TikTok provides additional avenues for monetization, such as paid series and the TikTok shop feature. Utilizing these opportunities can boost your income significantly. I regret not consistently promoting pet products through my pet-related videos, as it could have been a lucrative venture through commissions. It's essential to explore and seize all available monetization options presented by the platform.

Results and Future Plans

After 100 days of utilizing TikTok automation and applying the principles mentioned above, I achieved remarkable results. With over 230,000 followers and a monthly income exceeding $3,000, my faceless TikTok account successfully became an additional stream of revenue. Although there were fluctuations in views and earnings, as is common on TikTok, the overall journey has been profitable and fulfilling.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue running this account as long as it remains profitable. I will also explore other monetization avenues offered by TikTok, such as the TikTok shop, to further enhance income potential. By providing free educational content and sharing my experiences with other faceless TikTok accounts, I aim to contribute to the growing knowledge base in this field.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey, and stay tuned for future updates and insights. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you'd like to see more content related to this account.


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Q1. Can TikTok automation generate significant income?

A1. Yes, TikTok automation, especially with the creativity program, has the potential to generate a substantial income. By following the right principles, consistently posting engaging content, and leveraging monetization opportunities, one can achieve significant financial success.

Q2. What are the key principles for going viral on TikTok?

A2. The key principles for going viral on TikTok include hooking viewers in the first few seconds, creating good video ideas, encouraging comments and engagement, targeting viewers' emotions, and maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Q3. What are common mistakes to avoid when running a faceless TikTok account?

A3. Avoid giving up too soon, even during periods of low views. Persistence is crucial for long-term success. Additionally, creating unoriginal content that violates TikTok's policies or relying solely on a single monetization avenue can hinder progress. It's essential to explore and utilize all available monetization opportunities.