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I built a complete "Business Operating System" in Notion

I Built a Complete "Business Operating System" in Notion

In order to create a business that provides both financial and time freedom, it is crucial to identify the obstacles that are preventing the business from achieving this goal. This may be a difficult realization to accept, as it requires self-reflection and assessment. There are two main types of entrepreneurs: Visionaries and Technicians.

Visionary entrepreneurs are dreamers who see the future potential of their company. They excel at generating ideas and inspiring their team. Examples of Visionary entrepreneurs include Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Howard Schultz. However, Visionaries often struggle with the day-to-day operations and tend to dislike structure. They prefer to delegate or ignore repetitive tasks.

On the other hand, Technicians thrive on structure and organization. They enjoy planning and are skilled at laying out clear targets and processes for others to follow. Technicians are proficient at managing teams and keeping policies and procedures up to date. However, they struggle with defining the company's vision, mission, and values.

Both Visionaries and Technicians have valuable skills and can be successful entrepreneurs. However, they often neglect the areas that don't align with their strengths, leading to bottlenecks in the business's growth. The solution lies in understanding the areas of weakness and building systems to address them.

One effective tool for addressing these challenges is a Business Operating System (BOS). In the Business Growth Accelerator program, participants receive their own customized BOS dashboard built on Notion, a free platform. The BOS is designed to simplify and streamline business management, reducing stress and confusion.

Within the BOS dashboard, one of the first steps is to document all the processes within the business. This allows for easy outsourcing in the future. Templates are provided to guide the creation of playbooks for various areas such as marketing, sales, and operations. Each playbook outlines step-by-step processes, ensuring consistency and clarity. This documentation also serves as a training resource for new hires.

Additionally, the BOS dashboard includes features for goal setting, strategic planning, and communication with team members and stakeholders. The goal is to create a business that can function smoothly even when the founder or key team members are not present.

The Business Growth Accelerator program goes beyond the BOS dashboard. It offers coaching, support, and on-demand training to help entrepreneurs implement the system effectively in their businesses. This comprehensive approach ensures the successful integration of the BOS and ultimately transforms dysfunctional businesses into well-managed and efficient organizations.


  • Business Operating System (BOS)
  • Visionary entrepreneur
  • Technician entrepreneur
  • Documenting processes
  • Playbooks
  • Notion platform
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication


  1. What is a Business Operating System (BOS)?

    • A BOS is a comprehensive tool or framework that helps streamline and manage various aspects of a business, including processes, communication, goal setting, and strategic planning.
  2. Can the BOS be tailored to different business sizes?

    • Yes, the BOS in the Business Growth Accelerator program can be customized based on the size and needs of the business. It is designed to be scalable and adaptable.
  3. How can the BOS help entrepreneurs with different strengths and weaknesses?

    • The BOS addresses the strengths and weaknesses of both Visionary and Technician entrepreneurs by providing structure and guidance for Visionaries while allowing Technicians to manage processes efficiently. It encourages collaboration and delegation, allowing each entrepreneur to focus on their strengths.
  4. Is the BOS only suitable for businesses with teams?

    • No, the BOS can be valuable for solo entrepreneurs as well. It guides individuals in documenting their processes and developing effective systems for growth and management.
  5. Can the BOS be integrated with other tools or software?

    • Yes, the BOS in the Business Growth Accelerator program is built on Notion, a flexible platform that can be integrated with other tools and software commonly used in businesses.
  6. What support is provided in the Business Growth Accelerator program?

    • The program offers coaching, support, and on-demand training to entrepreneurs, helping them implement the BOS effectively in their businesses. It provides guidance throughout the process and helps troubleshoot any challenges that may arise.