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I tried EVERY NICHE for one week! (10 Highest RPM Niches)

I tried EVERY NICHE for one week! (10 Highest RPM Niches)


In this article, I will be sharing my experience of exploring various niches on TikTok's creativity program. I will discuss the most common mistakes beginners make and reveal some secrets to help you gain more views and followers on the platform. Additionally, I will provide a list of the top 10 niches to start in right away. So, let's dive in!

My Journey through Different Niches

To begin my TikTok journey, I obtained a SIM card from one of the countries listed in the TikTok creativity program criteria. With this, I created two accounts, one focusing on podcast content and the other showcasing police body cam footage.

Initially, I tried using a video clipping app called Opus Clips to create content based on YouTube videos. However, the results were disappointing, with videos receiving only two views. So, I abandoned this shortcut and decided to put in the hard work required for success.

The Reality of Monetization

For every million views on a video longer than one minute, TikTok offers a $1,000 reward. However, there are certain requirements to meet: the video must have at least 100,000 views, you need 10,000 followers, and you must be 18 years or older. Additionally, you need to be from one of the specified countries. If you're not from those countries, you can order a SIM card online to meet the criteria.

Overcoming Beginner Mistakes

After posting three videos on each of my pages, I found myself stuck with less than 1,000 views. This was a common mistake that many beginners face. So, I took a closer look at what went wrong and discovered the following:

  1. Lack of effort in content creation.
  2. Posting numerous videos without putting in the necessary effort.
  3. Failing to find the right niche.
  4. Experimenting too much with different styles and content.

It was clear that I needed to avoid these mistakes and make improvements to see better results.

Secrets to Success on TikTok

Here are some secrets I discovered that can help you gain traction and increase your following on TikTok:

  1. Warm up your account by interacting with content in your chosen niche for the first 24 hours. This helps TikTok recommend your account to others and provides you with ideas for your future videos.
  2. Gradually increase the number of posts per day instead of bombarding your followers with multiple videos initially. Posting too frequently can lead to shadow banning.
  3. Include a call to action at the end of your videos, encouraging viewers to follow you for more content.

How to Generate More Views

To attract more views, it's crucial to select videos that are already viral or currently trending. Download these videos and make them even better. Pay special attention to the first five seconds to grab viewers' attention and create a sense of curiosity. Once you've answered the initial question or hook, wrap up the video, leaving viewers satisfied.

Top 10 Niches to Consider

If you're looking for niche ideas to start your TikTok journey, here are the top 10 highest RPM (Revenue Per Mille) niches:

  1. Makeup and beauty tutorials
  2. Fitness and workout routines
  3. DIY crafts and home decor
  4. Cooking and recipe videos
  5. Fashion and style inspiration
  6. Pets and animal videos
  7. Funny skits and comedy sketches
  8. Travel vlogs and tips
  9. Life hacks and organization ideas
  10. Personal finance and money-saving tips


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1. Can I monetize my TikTok videos from day one? Monetization on TikTok requires meeting specific criteria, such as having 100,000 views, 10,000 followers, and being from specific countries. It may take time and effort to meet these requirements.

2. Are there any shortcuts to gaining more views on TikTok? While there are no guaranteed shortcuts, you can increase your chances of gaining more views by selecting viral or trending videos to recreate and optimizing your content for the first few seconds to hook viewers.

3. Can I choose multiple niches for my TikTok content? While it's possible to experiment with different niches, it's generally recommended to focus on one niche initially. This allows you to establish your presence and attract a specific audience interested in that niche.

4. How many videos should I post per day on TikTok? It's important to strike a balance. Initially, start with a few quality videos per day and gradually increase the frequency as you gain a better understanding of your audience's preferences. Posting too frequently can overwhelm your followers.

5. Is it necessary to interact with other TikTok creators and content? Yes, interaction with other creators and content in your niche is important. It helps you establish connections, learn from others, and increases the chances of your content being recommended to a relevant audience.

These FAQs address some common questions related to TikTok and its monetization program. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

In conclusion, success on TikTok requires dedication, avoiding common beginner mistakes, and strategic content creation. By selecting the right niche, creating engaging videos, and interacting with the platform, you can increase your following and potentially earn revenue through TikTok's creativity program. Good luck on your TikTok journey!