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I tried Tiktok's most viral products... (but was it worth it)

I tried TikTok's most viral products... (but was it worth it?)

I recently decided to test out some of TikTok's most viral products, and I wanted to share my thoughts on each one. From skincare to fragrances to hair tools, there were a variety of products that caught my attention. So, let's dive in and see if these products lived up to the hype!

Drunk Elephant Goldie Drops and Bronzy Drops

One of the first products I tried were the Goldie Drops and Bronzy Drops from Drunk Elephant. These drops are meant to add a luminous glow to your skin and can be used alone or mixed in with your moisturizer. I found them to be really pretty and they did give my skin a subtle glow. However, I preferred the Bronzy Drops over the Goldie Drops as I felt like they added more of a bronzed look to my skin. Overall, I really liked these products and would recommend giving them a try.

Nudestix Cream Blush in Pecan't

Next up, I tried the Nudestix Cream Blush in the shade Pecan't. This blush went viral because of Sophia Richie's endorsement, but I personally didn't love it. The color appeared too orange on my skin and it just didn't suit my preferences. However, it did have a nice consistency and blendability, so if you're into orangey blushes, it might be worth a try.

Nest Fragrances

Nest Fragrances also made it onto the TikTok viral products list, particularly their Madagascar Vanilla perfume oil. This fragrance has a rich, golden scent with hints of coconut and vanilla. It's a beautiful fragrance and I received many compliments when wearing it. Nest also offers other popular scents like Turkish Rose and Indian Jasmine, which are worth checking out if you're a fan of floral or rosy scents.

Glossier You Perfume

Glossier's You perfume has been a cult favorite for years, so it's no surprise that it gained popularity on TikTok as well. This fragrance has a spicy, warm scent and has been described as a "basic girl" fragrance by some. While opinions on the scent may vary, I personally really like it and find it to be a great everyday fragrance. If you're looking for something subtle and easy to wear, give Glossier You a try.

WAYS Haircare

I also wanted to highlight WAYS Haircare, as they have a variety of products suitable for different hair types. Their leave-in conditioner is one of my favorites, as it leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth, and frizz-free. I also enjoy their hair oil, which adds shine and helps with frizz and split ends. If you're in need of some new haircare products, definitely check out WAYS Haircare.

E.L.F. Lip Oils

E.L.F. recently came out with lip oils that are being compared to the more expensive Dior lip oils. I found that the E.L.F. lip oils are a great dupe for the Dior ones, offering similar colors and formulas at a fraction of the price. They are moisturizing, lightweight, and provide a subtle tint to the lips. If you're a fan of lip oils, you can't go wrong with the E.L.F. ones.

Road Beauty Lip Glosses

Road Beauty has gained popularity for their lip glosses, specifically their raspberry and espresso shades. These glosses have a lot of pigment and offer a high shine finish. They are great for adding a pop of color to your lips and can be used on their own or as lip toppers. The formula feels comfortable on the lips and provides a plumping effect.

Mac Squirt Lip Gloss

The Mac Squirt lip glosses also made it onto the viral TikTok products list. These glosses come in 10 different shades and offer a high-shine finish. The formula is thick and rich, and they provide a lot of pigment. While I didn't love every color, some of them, like the red and pink shades, were really beautiful and had a long-lasting effect on the lips.

Fenty Skin Push Pudding

Fenty Skin recently released their Push Pudding products, which include a tinted lip mask. The lip mask has a slight pink hue and provides intense moisture to the lips. It is a great product to use before applying makeup or as an overnight treatment. The formula smells incredible and leaves the lips feeling soft and hydrated.

Wig by Shaking Go

Lastly, I decided to try a wig by Shaking Go. This wig offered a natural-looking cut and style, and it was easy to wear and style. The quality of the wig was impressive for a synthetic option, and it came with a hair clip and a brush for easy maintenance. While it did have a slight "wig" appearance, it still looked nice overall.

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  1. Are the Drunk Elephant Goldie Drops worth it?
  • The Goldie Drops are worth it if you're looking for a subtle, golden glow for your skin.
  1. Is the Nudestix Cream Blush in Pecan't a good option?
  • It depends on personal preference and skin tone. Some may find it too orange, while others may love it.
  1. Are the Nest Fragrances worth the hype?
  • Yes, the Nest Fragrances offer beautiful scents that have gained popularity for a reason.
  1. Is Glossier You perfume worth trying?
  • Glossier You perfume is a solid option for those looking for a subtle, everyday fragrance.
  1. Are the E.L.F. Lip Oils a good dupe for the Dior lip oils?
  • Yes, the E.L.F. Lip Oils offer a similar formula and colors at a more affordable price point.
  1. Are the Road Beauty lip glosses pigmented?
  • Yes, the Road Beauty lip glosses offer a lot of pigment and a high-shine finish.
  1. What can I expect from Fenty Skin's Push Pudding?
  • Fenty Skin's Push Pudding products, including the tinted lip mask, offer intense moisture and hydration to the lips.
  1. Is the wig by Shaking Go of good quality?
  • The wig by Shaking Go offers a natural cut and style, and the quality is impressive for a synthetic wig option.

In conclusion, many of the viral TikTok products lived up to the hype. The Drunk Elephant Goldie Drops, Nest Fragrances, E.L.F. Lip Oils, and Fenty Skin Push Pudding were standouts, offering great results and quality. While the Nudestix Cream Blush and Mac Squirt Lip Gloss didn't work as well for me personally, they may still be worth a try depending on individual preferences. Finally, the Shaking Go wig provided a nice option for those looking to switch up their hairstyle. Overall, TikTok has introduced some exciting and worthwhile products that I would recommend exploring.