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Instagram’s Update to the Creator Marketplace

Instagram’s Update to the Creator Marketplace


If you've been closely following Instagram's recent updates, you might have heard about their new Creator Marketplace. Initially, when I got access to it, not much happened. But today, I received a notification that directed me to a game-changing page.

Discovering Campaigns

The notification led me to a page filled with various campaigns that I could apply to. The first thing that caught my eye were the brands. We're talking about some very well-known names here.

Impressive Rates

Not only are the brands impressive, but the rates are also quite attractive. Just by scrolling through some of the campaign options, I noticed that while not all rates were stellar, many were exceptionally good.

Example Campaign: Hero Cosmetics

To give you a concrete example, let’s talk about the partnership with Hero Cosmetics. When you click on a brand, you'll be taken to a detailed page outlining everything you need to know about the collaboration. This includes the type of content required, important dates, and of course, the compensation you can expect to earn.

Final Thoughts

With these updates, I'm definitely feeling more confident about the Creator Marketplace on Instagram. The potential for significant collaborations seems promising.


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1. What is the Creator Marketplace on Instagram? The Creator Marketplace on Instagram is a platform where creators can discover and apply for collaboration campaigns with various brands.

2. How are the brands on the Creator Marketplace? The brands listed are some very well-known and reputable names.

3. What about the rates for these campaigns? The rates for these campaigns vary. Some of them are quite impressive, while others are lower.

4. What details can creators see when applying for a campaign? Creators can view details about the type of content required, important dates, and the expected compensation for the collaboration.

5. How do creators feel about the new Creator Marketplace? Many creators, including myself, are starting to feel more confident about the potential opportunities that the Creator Marketplace offers.