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Introducing Shopify Markets Pro

Introducing Shopify Markets Pro

Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, has recently introduced Markets Pro, an all-in-one cross-border solution designed to help businesses expand their reach and grow globally. Going global offers endless opportunities for brands to attract and convert new buyers, but it can also come with complexities and challenges. Markets Pro aims to simplify the process and provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in international markets.

Simplifying Cross-Border Sales

Expanding internationally often involves navigating import duties, taxes, currency volatility, and fraud, among other challenges. Additionally, affordable international shipping rates can be difficult to find. Moreover, buyers expect a localized experience, with tailored content, payment methods, and currencies. Shopify's Markets Pro aims to address all of these complexities and streamline the process of selling internationally.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Merchant of Record Solution

With Markets Pro, brands act as the merchant of record, meaning they have a legal entity that transacts directly with customers. This simplifies domestic transactions but becomes more challenging when expanding globally. Shopify takes care of all the complicated responsibilities that come with international transactions, ensuring compliance with local regulations while allowing you to maintain full control over the buyer experience.

2. Localized Shopping Experiences

Markets Pro enables brands to create a localized experience for buyers. By adding markets one country at a time or by grouping countries together, you can tailor your product availability and content based on market fit. This level of customization by region has never been easier.

3. Simplified Duties and Payment

The solution also simplifies international duties and payment processes. Markets Pro automatically collects duties at checkout, eliminating surprise fees upon delivery. It also covers the cost of any discrepancies in these fees and provides guaranteed foreign exchange, protecting you from currency volatility.

4. Efficient Order Fulfillment

To provide the best delivery experience, Markets Pro utilizes express carriers for order fulfillment. With pre-customs clearance and package tracking, you can choose from various fulfillment options, including Shopify shipping, Shopify Logistics, pre-integrated third-party logistics partners, or building an API integration.


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Q: What is Shopify Markets Pro?

A: Markets Pro is an all-in-one cross-border solution introduced by Shopify to help businesses expand globally and simplify the complexities of international sales.

Q: How does Markets Pro simplify international sales?

A: Markets Pro manages all international transactions, taking care of import duties, taxes, currency volatility, and fraud. It also provides affordable international shipping rates and enables brands to create localized shopping experiences for buyers.

Q: What are the benefits of using Markets Pro?

A: Markets Pro simplifies international duties and payment processes, provides efficient order fulfillment with express carriers, and ensures a localized shopping experience. It also covers discrepancies in fees, offers guaranteed foreign exchange, and protects against chargeback losses.

Q: How can Shopify users access Markets Pro?

A: Shopify users can navigate to the markets page within their Shopify admin settings and apply for Markets Pro to unlock global growth and expand their business internationally.

In conclusion, Shopify's Markets Pro offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to grow globally and overcome the complexities associated with international expansion. By providing a seamless cross-border experience, simplified duties and payments, efficient order fulfillment, and localized shopping experiences, Markets Pro empowers brands to become global players in the e-commerce landscape.