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Is Dropshipping Dead #shorts

Is Dropshipping Dead? #shorts

In a video that circulated online, the speaker warns against starting a dropshipping business in 2024 due to the oversaturation of the market. With over 26 million dropshipping businesses existing, the competition is fierce, leading to a high failure rate of 90%. The video suggests exploring industries with lower competition rates, such as Software as a Service (SAS), which has significantly fewer competitors and higher success rates. Additionally, SAS companies boast profit margins of 70-85%, far surpassing the 15-20% margins commonly seen in dropshipping ventures.


  • Dropshipping
  • Market saturation
  • Competition
  • Software as a Service (SAS)
  • Profit margins
  • Business success


1. Is dropshipping still a viable business model in 2024? The video suggests that dropshipping may be challenging due to the high level of competition and market saturation, leading to a higher failure rate. It recommends exploring other industries with lower competition for better chances of success.

2. Why does the video recommend Software as a Service (SAS) businesses? SAS businesses are highlighted as a more favorable option due to their lower competition rates and higher profit margins compared to dropshipping. The video emphasizes the potential for success in industries with less saturation.

3. How do profit margins differ between dropshipping and SAS businesses? Dropshipping typically offers profit margins of 15-20%, while SAS companies can enjoy margins of 70-85%. This significant difference in profitability is highlighted as a key factor in considering alternative business models in 2024.