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It pays to have connections. (Vookum on TT) #shorts #2024 #luxury #tiktok #reels #watch

It pays to have connections. (Vookum on TT) #shorts #2024 #luxury #tiktok #reels #watch

Today we had the opportunity to visit Bobby at aad watches. Bobby seemed quite busy but took the time to show us his collection, including a gorgeous Bobby pie. As we admired the watch, Bobby mentioned that he was selling it for $35,000, which he believed was a fair price considering its excellent condition.

We expressed our interest in purchasing the watch but felt that 35,000wasslightlyaboveourbudget.NegotiatingwithBobby,weproposedapriceof35,000 was slightly above our budget. Negotiating with Bobby, we proposed a price of 32,000, to which he responded that he typically doesn't sell these watches as collectors tend to hold on to them.

However, Bobby had an interesting alternative suggestion. He offered to partner with us on the sale by laying out the money and splitting the profit when it sold. This would allow us to potentially acquire the watch for $33,000. While we appreciated his offer, we decided it was best to stick with our original plan and purchase the watch outright.

Bobby understood our decision and respected it. He mentioned that he always believed in fair transactions and didn't like to bargain unnecessarily. Ultimately, the watch was too irresistible to pass up, and we happily agreed to buy it for $35,000.

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  1. Who is Bobby?

    • Bobby is a watch collector and seller associated with aad watches.
  2. What is a Bobby pie?

    • A Bobby pie refers to a specific watch model offered by Bobby.
  3. What was the selling price negotiated for the Bobby pie?

    • The starting selling price was $35,000, but a negotiation ended with the parties settling on that amount.
  4. Did Bobby offer a partnership in the sale of the watch?

    • Yes, Bobby proposed partnering on the sale, where he would lay out the money, and they would split the profit.
  5. What was the final decision regarding the purchase?

    • The buyers ultimately decided to purchase the watch outright for the original asking price of $35,000.
  6. How does Bobby approach transactions?

    • Bobby believes in fair transactions and prefers not to engage in unnecessary bargaining.
  7. What is aad watches?

    • Aad watches is the establishment where Bobby showcases and sells his collection.