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LEGO Flags are Broken

LEGO Flags are Broken

Released in 1989, a certain LEGO piece, initially designed as a pirate flag, has gained notoriety for its inherent flaw. The part in question features only two basic clips to attach it to any bar piece. Consequently, with continuous use, the clips on the flag tend to break off, rendering the whole piece useless. This issue has driven up the price of the part on the secondhand market, as collectors struggle to find intact versions of it. While the speaker claims to have been lucky enough to preserve their LEGO Flags in good condition, the same cannot be said for their LEGO Jedi Interceptor. Over time, the wings of the Interceptor have cracked off due to frequent opening and closing. The speaker suggests that LEGO should improve these parts by integrating stronger clips or adding more of them.


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Q: Why are LEGO Flags so expensive on the secondhand market? A: LEGO Flags are highly sought after on the secondhand market due to the inherent flaw in their design. The two basic clips that hold the flag onto any bar piece tend to break off with repeated use. Therefore, finding intact versions of this piece becomes increasingly difficult, and collectors are willing to pay a higher price for it.

Q: Are all LEGO Flags prone to breaking? A: Not all LEGO Flags are bound to break, but the design flaw that accompanies this particular flag part makes it more susceptible to damage. If the flag is frequently moved or subjected to forceful handling, the clips holding it in place are likely to break off over time.

Q: What can LEGO do to address this issue? A: LEGO can certainly explore ways to improve the design of these flag pieces. One possible solution would be to incorporate stronger clips that can withstand regular movement without breaking. Alternatively, adding more clips to distribute the stress and pressure evenly across the flag would also enhance its durability. By implementing these improvements, LEGO can ensure a better experience for their customers and prevent unnecessary breakages in the future.