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Luke Belmar's Advice On TikTok Organic Dropshipping

Luke Belmar's Advice On TikTok Organic Dropshipping

In the world of dropshipping, Luke Belmar is a renowned name with tremendous success. He has generated over $16 million through dropshipping and believes that his opinion holds weight. While some may disagree with his life advice, his business insights are highly valued. Recently, he has been advocating for TikTok Organic as the best dropshipping strategy for the current year and beyond.

According to Belmar, TikTok Organic offers an explosive opportunity for dropshippers. With virtually zero cost, it provides a massive platform for showcasing products and reaching potential customers. Belmar recommends selling on platforms like Amazon for free traffic. However, he suggests focusing efforts on running your own brand and leveraging TikTok Organic.

With TikTok Organic, even individuals with no money can start dropshipping. By getting a Shopify subscription, setting up a TikTok account, and partnering with a third-party logistics company, one can begin dropshipping with minimal investment. The process involves finding quality products, creating an engaging website, fulfilling orders, and making sales.

Belmar emphasizes that going viral on TikTok and making sales are two separate skills. Many users may have millions of views on their TikTok videos but struggle to convert those views into profits. One of Belmar's students had 100 million views but only made $10,000 after joining his program. The key is to bridge the information gap and capitalize on opportunities.

Belmar believes that TikTok Organic offers immense potential due to the abundance of organic attention on the platform. By finding winning products, creating a compelling store, and mastering the art of converting viewers into customers, dropshippers can sustainably earn a living through TikTok Organic alone.

He further asserts that TikTok Organic is a more replicable and consistent strategy compared to Facebook ads. While Facebook ads may bring initial success, they are not as reliable and can be unstable. Belmar recommends Facebook ads for those with a substantial budget, but for long-term sustainability, TikTok Organic is the way to go.

Belmar notes that there is a lack of proper guidance on TikTok Organic within the e-commerce industry. Many people treat it as a strategy for beginners with no budget, overlooking its true potential. In his mentoring program, he guides students through the process of product research, creating engaging content, optimizing store performance, and leveraging various marketing techniques.

Overall, Belmar believes that TikTok Organic is an excellent strategy for dropshipping, providing a consistent and scalable approach to making money. By mastering the skills and leveraging the organic attention on TikTok, dropshippers can create a sustainable business and potentially quit their day jobs.


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  1. Is TikTok Organic a reliable strategy for dropshipping?

    • Yes, according to Luke Belmar, TikTok Organic is currently one of the best strategies for dropshipping. It provides free organic attention, which can lead to sustainable income if executed correctly.
  2. How does TikTok Organic differ from Facebook ads?

    • While Facebook ads may bring initial success, TikTok Organic offers a more replicable and consistent approach. TikTok provides a platform with millions of users, allowing dropshippers to showcase their products without spending on advertising.
  3. Can TikTok Organic be profitable for beginners with no budget?

    • Absolutely! Luke Belmar highlights that even individuals with no money can start dropshipping through TikTok Organic. With strategic planning and effective execution, beginners can leverage the platform's organic attention to make sales and generate income.
  4. What are the key skills required to succeed with TikTok Organic dropshipping?

    • Dropshippers need to excel in two skills: creating engaging content that goes viral on TikTok and converting those views into sales. By mastering these skills and optimizing their store performance, dropshippers can achieve sustainable success.
  5. Is TikTok Organic a long-term strategy for dropshipping?

    • According to Belmar, TikTok Organic offers long-term sustainability and scalability. Unlike Facebook ads, which can be unstable, TikTok Organic provides a consistent stream of organic attention. By capitalizing on this attention, dropshippers can create a sustainable business and potentially quit their day jobs.