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MAKING £32,000 ON TIKTOK #money #tiktok #success #shorts #monetisation #socialmedia #mindset

MAKING £32,000 ON TIKTOK #money #tiktok #success #shorts #monetisation #socialmedia #mindset

In terms of monetization on TikTok, the opportunities lie in various avenues such as brand partnerships and the Creator Fund. While TikTok has become a popular platform for brands to reach out to audiences and allocate budgets, the platform itself does not pay a significant amount for views. Even creators with high view counts may find that the earnings from TikTok's Creator Fund are not substantial. For instance, a TikTok user with 11.5 million followers and billions of views shared that they made £32,000 over two years from their TikTok content. While this amount is not insignificant, it highlights that reliance on the Creator Fund alone may not lead to high earnings. Many successful TikTokers may earn around £500 a day at most from the Creator Fund, showcasing that TikTok is not primarily known for high payouts to creators.


money, TikTok, success, shorts, monetisation, social media, mindset


  1. How much can you earn on TikTok from the Creator Fund?
    • While earnings from the TikTok Creator Fund can vary, many creators make around £500 a day at most from the fund.
  2. Is TikTok a high-paying platform for creators?
    • TikTok is not primarily known for paying high amounts for views, with many creators finding the earnings from the platform to be modest compared to other platforms.
  3. What are the main monetization opportunities on TikTok?
    • Main monetization opportunities on TikTok include brand partnerships, sponsored content, and the TikTok Creator Fund.