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MY TWITCH PAYOUT: How Much Money Do Small Streamers REALLY Make

MY TWITCH PAYOUT: How Much Money Do Small Streamers REALLY Make?

Here's a breakdown of my earnings as a small streamer in November 2022. I currently have about 1800 followers and average around 25 viewers per stream. In this article, I'll provide you with a transparent look at my Twitch payout for that month.

Earnings Breakdown

From November 1st to November 30th, I made a total of $653.13. Let's take a detailed look at how I accumulated this amount:

  • Paid Subs: The majority of my earnings came from paid subscriptions. I had a total of 91 prime Subs, which contributed $4 each to my revenue.

  • Gifted Subs: Additionally, I received a few gifted subscriptions, which amounted to $4 in earnings.

  • Bits: I earned a significant portion of my income through bits, which are a form of virtual currency on Twitch. In November, I made $154 from bits.

  • Ad Revenue: I also made a small amount from ad revenue, although the exact figure was not mentioned.

Why Share this Information?

You might be wondering why I am revealing these details about my Twitch earnings. After all, talking about money is often considered a taboo in many cultures. However, I firmly believe in transparency, financial literacy, and education.

By sharing my earnings openly, I aim to provide aspiring streamers with a realistic expectation of income on their broadcasting journey. It's important to understand that Twitch earnings can vary greatly depending on factors such as viewership, subscriber count, and engagement.

Knowing how much smaller streamers make can help newcomers set realistic goals, plan their financials, and make informed decisions about pursuing streaming as a career or hobby.


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Q: How much money can I expect to make as a small Twitch streamer? A: Earnings as a small Twitch streamer can vary greatly. Factors such as the number of followers, average viewership, and revenue sources like paid subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue all influence income. It is essential to set realistic expectations and focus on building a dedicated community.

Q: Is streaming on Twitch a viable career option? A: Streaming on Twitch can potentially become a viable career option, but it requires dedication, consistency, and the ability to engage with an audience. Building a substantial following and monetizing your stream through various revenue streams, such as subscriptions, bits, sponsorships, and donations, can help generate income.

Q: Are bits the primary source of income for Twitch streamers? A: While bits can contribute significantly to a streamer's income, it is not necessarily the only or primary source. Income streams can vary depending on the streamer's size and engagement levels. Paid subscriptions, ad revenue, donations, sponsorships, and merchandise sales are other avenues through which streamers can earn money.

Q: How important is transparency in discussing Twitch earnings? A: Transparency in discussing Twitch earnings is crucial for demystifying the income potential and breaking down the stereotypes associated with online content creation. It helps aspiring streamers set realistic goals, learn from others' experiences, and better understand the financial aspects of pursuing a streaming career.

Q: What other factors are important for Twitch streamers besides income? A: While income is a significant aspect, it is not the sole measure of success for Twitch streamers. Factors such as building a dedicated community, creating engaging content, fostering positive interactions with viewers, and personal fulfillment should also be prioritized. Streamers often find value in the connections formed and the impact they can have on their audience, beyond monetary gains.