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Make $739 Per Day In The TikTok Creativity Program Beta Using AI (ChatGPT & invideo)

Make $739 Per Day In The TikTok Creativity Program Beta Using AI (ChatGPT & invideo)

Are you ready to revolutionize the TikTok automation game? Get ready because with the power of AI, you can now create entire TikTok videos eligible for the TikTok Creativity Program Beta right from your chat with GPT. And the best part? People are already making over $10,000 each month from these simple videos. In this article, I will show you how to create these videos in minutes, edit them using AI tools, and even access the TikTok Creativity Program Beta from anywhere in the world.

Creating Monetizable Videos with ChatGPT and invideo

One of the AI tools that caught our attention is Video AI by invideo. This powerful tool allows you to create viral and monetizable TikTok videos, as well as videos for YouTube and other platforms. What's impressive is that you can create an entire TikTok video, including a script, voiceover, footage, and captions, with just one prompt. Let's dive into the process step by step:

  1. Go to the ChatGPT store or the explore tab and search for "Video AI" or "invideo."
  2. Enter a prompt that includes the following components: a task (e.g., create a 90-second video), language requirements, and whether you want subtitles or captions.
  3. Include extra instructions on how you want the video to be edited, such as specifying the hook or adding a call to action.
  4. Confirm your prompt and wait for the AI to generate the video.

With just a few words, you can now create videos that have the potential to go viral on TikTok and generate substantial income.

Enhancing Your Videos for Virality

Creating a video is just the first step. To make your videos truly viral, you need to pay attention to a few key elements. Here are some tips to boost your video's virality:

  1. Hook your viewers: Make the beginning of your video shocking or intriguing to captivate your audience's emotions.
  2. Embrace imperfections: Don't be overly cautious about small mistakes. Embrace funny mistakes or elements that spark conversations, as long as they don't affect the overall quality of your video.
  3. Add a Call to Action (CTA): Consider ending your video with a CTA, such as asking viewers to follow you for more content.

By following these tips, your videos will have a higher chance of going viral and engaging with your audience.

Editing Your Videos with invideo

If you want to make additional edits to your video or add your personal touch, you can use invideo's editing features. You can change the intro, media, or subtitles manually through the interface. Simply explore the different tabs and make the desired adjustments. While invideo offers a free option, subscribing to their premium plan (starting at $20 a month) will remove watermarks and give you access to more advanced features.

Accessing the TikTok Creativity Program Beta

You might be wondering how you can monetize your viral TikTok videos even if you don't live in a country where the TikTok Creativity Program Beta is available. Here's a workaround that can help you access the beta program using US accounts:

  1. Create a US TikTok account (or multiple accounts if you're serious about this strategy).
  2. Warm up your account by engaging with content for a day or two, mimicking regular user activity.
  3. Follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by the TikTok Creativity Program Beta.
  4. Post your first video and aim for it to go viral.

By following this approach, you can potentially earn a substantial income from the TikTok platform, just like many community members are doing at the moment.


  • TikTok Creativity Program Beta
  • AI-generated videos
  • Monetizable TikTok content
  • ChatGPT and invideo integration


  1. How much does invideo's premium plan cost?
  • invideo's premium plan starts at $20 per month. This subscription will give you access to advanced features and remove watermarks from your videos.
  1. Can I make edits to the AI-generated videos?
  • Yes, you have the option to make additional edits using invideo's interface. You can change the intro, media, subtitles, and more.
  1. Is the TikTok Creativity Program Beta available worldwide?
  • No, the program is currently only available in select countries. However, there are methods to access the program using US accounts, as mentioned in the article.
  1. Can these AI-generated videos be used on platforms other than TikTok?
  • Yes, the videos created with invideo can be used on various platforms, including YouTube and other social media platforms.
  1. Is it necessary to join the TikTok Creativity Program Beta to monetize TikTok videos?
  • While the program provides additional monetization opportunities, it is not the only way to earn income from TikTok. Many creators make money through brand partnerships, sponsored content, and other means.

Remember, this opportunity to monetize TikTok videos using AI and the TikTok Creativity Program Beta may not last forever. Seize this opportunity and start creating viral and monetizable content today!