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Meet Marry, our company's CEO & Supply chain head#ecommerce #onlineshopping #supplychain

Meet Marry, our company's CEO & Supply chain head

Today marks the sixth day of Established E-Commerce in Pakistan, where Fm Ajgar, the brand's Profka, shares insights on starting an e-commerce business in Pakistan. In this particular video, the focus is on the product research conducted in the Chinese market. Yri, the CEO and head of the supply chain of their company, led the effort in researching products in the Gaozhou market of China. The team meticulously compared prices and checked product quality, ensuring adherence to their set standards for high-quality products at reasonable prices. Despite the challenges, the team successfully met the needs of their customers and concluded to import the selected products from China. Further plans, including live streaming for product sales, were also discussed in this informative session. Until next time, Khuda Hafiz.


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  1. What was the focus of the video on Establishing E-Commerce Day Six in Pakistan? The video primarily highlighted the product research that the team conducted in the Chinese market, led by the company's CEO and supply chain head.
  2. How did the team ensure the quality and pricing of the products from China? The team meticulously tested the products, conducted price comparisons, and ensured that the products met the standards for high-quality items at reasonable prices.
  3. What were the final decisions made based on the product research in the Chinese market? After thorough testing and evaluation in the Chinese market, the team decided to import the selected products from China and also planned for live streaming to sell the products.