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My First TikTok Haul please enjoy #tiktokshop #feelinggood

My First TikTok Haul ? please enjoy #tiktokshop #feelinggood

Hey there, everyone! I wanted to share my latest TikTok haul with all of you. I placed my order on December 24th, but due to the holiday season, it arrived on January 9th. Although it took a bit longer than expected, I didn't mind because Christmas was right around the corner. Let's dive into what I bought and my thoughts on each item.

Firstly, I ordered some lashes as I love experimenting with creative makeup looks. To my surprise, the lash pack was larger than I anticipated, but that turned out to be a good thing. I thought they would be shorter, but the longer length gives me more versatility. I can't wait to try them out with different eye makeup styles.

Next, I got my hands on some cute shades. I initially wanted them for my birthday, but I was on a budget, so I decided to treat myself later. Fortunately, these shades look amazing on me, and I'm thrilled to have added them to my collection.

One of my favorite purchases was a trendy jacket. It's so cute, and whenever I wear it, I can't help but feel confident and stylish. This jacket is definitely a statement piece that makes me say, "Hey, baby girl!" whenever I put it on.

Additionally, I ordered a camera attachment that moves along with the camera. This little gadget is so cool and adds a dynamic touch to my videos. It's perfect for capturing unique shots and adding some extra flair to my content.

Now, onto something I've been wanting for a while - a smartwatch. I finally decided to get one, and I'm loving it! To make it even better, I managed to figure out how to display messages on it after some trial and error. Having this smartwatch has made my daily life more convenient and connected.

I must admit, I misplaced my beanie somewhere, but I'm not too worried about it. It was probably just somewhere in my room, and I'll find it eventually. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my TikTok haul. Thank you for taking the time to watch and read about my new items!


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Q: When did you place your order for the TikTok haul? A: I ordered my items on December 24th, but due to the holiday season, they arrived on January 9th.

Q: What were the surprises you encountered with your purchases? A: I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the lash pack, as they turned out to be longer than I expected. Additionally, the shades I ordered exceeded my expectations and looked great on me.

Q: How did you feel about the trendy jacket you bought? A: I absolutely loved the jacket! It made me feel confident and stylish whenever I wore it.

Q: What benefits did you find in owning a smartwatch? A: Having a smartwatch made my daily life more convenient and connected. Moreover, I was able to figure out how to display messages on it, which added to its functionality.

Q: Did you lose your beanie? A: Yes, unfortunately, I misplaced my beanie somewhere. However, I'm not too concerned as I'm confident I'll find it eventually.