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Norway adventure GOES WRONG | UK to Norway

Norway adventure GOES WRONG | UK to Norway

In a recent YouTube video, a couple expressed their apologies for not posting on their channel for the past two months due to their poor health during the Christmas season. However, they excitedly announced their upcoming trip to Scandinavia and shared their preparations for the journey. Unfortunately, their adventure took a turn for the worse as they encountered technical difficulties with their van, resulting in an unexpected delay in their plans.


The couple began the video by apologizing for their absence and explaining the reasons behind it. They mentioned their poor health during the Christmas season and admitted to facing some obstacles along the way. However, they reassured their audience that they were back with a brand new video and shared their excitement for their upcoming trip to Norway.

Van Preparations

To ensure their van was ready for the cold temperatures in Scandinavia, the couple made several modifications. They replaced the radiator and upgraded the alternator to provide more power to the van's electrical system. They also installed an engine preheater to help the engine start in cold weather. Additionally, they prepared thermal covers for the windows and grill to help retain heat inside the van.

Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately, just as the couple embarked on their journey, their van experienced an issue with the water pump. The van's engine began to overheat, indicating a problem with the thermostat. Despite their attempts to address the issue, they were unable to fix it themselves and had to call for recovery assistance. Although disappointed, they remained positive and saw it as an opportunity to slow down and reevaluate their preparations.


While their Norway adventure did not start as planned, the couple remained optimistic and determined to overcome the challenges they faced. They expressed gratitude for the support from their audience and asked for positive thoughts as they resolved the technical issue. Although their journey was temporarily halted, they looked forward to continuing their adventure once the van was repaired.


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  1. What preparations did the couple make for their Norway trip?
  • The couple replaced the van's radiator and upgraded the alternator.
  • They installed an engine preheater and prepared thermal covers for the windows and grill.
  1. What technical issue did the couple encounter during their journey?
  • The van's water pump malfunctioned, causing the engine to overheat.
  1. How did the couple handle the technical difficulties?
  • They called for recovery assistance and remained positive while waiting for the issue to be resolved.
  1. Did the couple remain optimistic despite the setback?
  • Yes, the couple maintained a positive attitude and saw the delay as an opportunity to slow down and reevaluate their preparations.
  1. Will the couple continue their Norway adventure once the van is repaired?
  • Yes, they plan to resume their journey upon the van's repairs and continue their adventure in Norway.